Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Visit with Gramie and Grandpa

Phew! Well, we are home from visiting the family in Georgia. Actually we got back on Friday... it's just taken me this long to get the pictures off of my camera, organized and ready to post! It's quite the task folks - and I had no where NEAR the 600+ pictures that my sister had of their vacation!! (Sorry sis!) So here they are friends - memories of our trip down home.

We spent the first few days with Michael's dad and his step-mom. We enjoyed swimming in a fresh water spring in FL, riding rides and playing at the water park, and going to church with them. With only one minor incident, (I left keys in the hotel and had to drive 1 1/2 hours back to the hotel to get them - Thanks Willie!) we managed to have a really good time with Tony and Willie.

Abraham and Grandpa shucking corn to feed to the animals.

Swimming at the spring - my hubby does NOT like heights so why he chose to jump off this platform is beyond me!

At Gramie's church, playing piano with her.

Abraham decided to get up and entertain everyone while they ate lunch. He sang "Jesus loves Abraham" and "Trust and Obey". Those are 2 of his favorite songs that he learned from Mimi. Thank you Mimi! Great songs!

New Union Baptist Church, Warwick, GA

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