Friday, July 4, 2008

Time with Kathy

Yesterday Abraham and I went to visit our friend, Kathy. Well, really she is more like family but definately a friend. It has been quite some time since we have seen her and spent time with her. So we had a few hours to sit and chat and watch Abraham play in the gardens. Kathy has a big beautiful yard with an even more gorgeous garden. One of these days I'd love to have something like this... Here are just a few snapshots of our day. She has more so when she gets them to me, I'll put more on here.

Abraham loved playing in Kathy's fountain and moving all the rocks - sorry Kath!

Every time I see these flowers anywhere I always think of Kathy. She has had blue hydrangeas for as long as I can remember.

I only had a 1 hour nap. What do you expect people??

For my b-day, Kathy let me choose a bracelet and earrings from her collection. She makes these beautiful creations and sells them at craft shows. The last time we were over, I was drooling over them and wanting to buy a pair or two. I love the green and yellow colors together and the hearts are so cute. Check out her blog to see more of her creations as well as some incredibly GORGEOUS pictures of her flowers.


Garden Girl said...

What a fun time! Thanks for the link. And do arrange a time for you and Kari and the kids to come make stepping stones! How fun will that be!
Love you!

Kate said...

Beautiful as always...every pict! So fun...yes, we MUST do a get together this summer at Kaki's all of us!! :D