Monday, May 28, 2007

I love Pizza!!

A few days ago Abraham had finished his dinner when our pizza arrived. We sat down in front of the TV and he proceeded to climb up on the couch behind Michael, all the while smacking his lips and saying "Ummm!". He is quite the character. So as we are eating we of course give him a few pieces, since he IS starved (yea right!). He proceeded to crawl into Michael's lap and take the piece of pizza off of the plate and nearly put the whole thing into his mouth! Guess he was just hungry!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playing with the cousins

Last Saturday Kari and I took the kids on a Mother's Day gift shopping trip. We had in mind what we wanted to get mom but had to actually purchase it. So we drug the kids through Target and then to Mc Donalds for lunch. By that time they were really over the shopping part so we hit the playground. This playgroud is the one that Abraham really likes because of the sandbox. We played for a bit before the mommies got to hot and called it a day! The kids of course could go on forever!

PS. For those of you who know about my sweet niece Chloe and the accident, the playground is her favorite place to be. She runs like the wind and does pretty good keeping up with Alex! She is a good 2nd mommy to Abraham and he loves his CoCo! She is doing fantastically with her new leg. Thank you all for your prayers!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Mom with her bracelet and angel

Me, Mom and Kari

Happy Mother's Day to me... and to all moms. I had a good day with my men and then with my momma. Michael and Abe took me out for lunch and then we walked around Barnes and Noble for a bit. We came home and I actually got a nap! I made dinner for the family - lasagne. We had dinner over at my moms and gave her the gifts then too. She of course loved them. She collects the Willow Tree angels and she is a sucker for unusual jewelry. So we got both!

It was a good day for me to reflect on what being a mommy means - I think I had a little bit of a clue about it from watching my mom and sister. But you just don't really know until you have lived it. I have learned that being mommy means sacrifice (of course!) It means you have dirty clothes but your child is neat and clean. It means that your house is a mess because you are spending time with the kids. It means a lack of sleep. It means lots of hugs, smiles and belly laughs. It means hearing "Momma" 1,000 times a day and loving each time! Being a mom is the highest calling I will ever have. It is also the biggest responsibility I'll ever have as well. I'm so blessed to be Mommy to 2 boys - one an angel with Jesus and one here on earth. Abraham is my world and I'd do anything for him. God has been so good to me with his life in mine. And I'm so grateful for that privilege of being his mommy. Thanks Father!

Kisses for my little man!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back to School I GO!

Well, I have finally decided to go back to school to get my Master's Degree. I am taking the degree online thru a school called Walden Univ. The concentration I have chosen is Technology in the Classroom. The first week has gone well, and been relatively easy. I don't know what the rest of the class has in store for me but if you think about me, please pray! Pray that the school mind set will come back quickly and that I'll be able to balance work, school and home well.
Thanks a bunch!

Mother's Day Pictures

Kari and I have started a tradition with our kids for Mother's Day. Last year we decided to have the kids pictures taken at Picture People and give that to our mom/Mimi for Mother's Day.
So we went to the mall to get the kids pictures taken today. I LOVE Picture People! Not only did the photographer really work well with all 3 kids, but she let Kari and I get in the picture with the kids. Wouldn't you know it? That is the picture that we got for Mom? Of course we are still waiting to see if we can post it on our blogs since it was a 10 x 13!!
Just wanted to share the pictures with everyone - so y'all could see what CUTE kids we have! :)

My little man, Abraham, 18 months old

BIG man, Alex, almost 6 years old

Princess Chloe, almost 4 years old

All 3 of our angels

Friday, May 4, 2007

NICU Reunion - April 2007

Some brave soul dressed up as this bear and allowed the kids to literally beat it to death! Abe thought he was really funny... he kept running up to "it" and hugging his legs or pulling his tail. Abraham thought it was great fun!!

This little boy to the Left of Abraham was in the NICU when we were there. I was able to spend a few times talking to the mom in the NICU. We talked about God's best and His will for our families. It was really neat. I don't think this little guy was as early at Abe was.

Last weekend Abraham and I went to the NICU reunion at the hospital. We were hoping to see the 2 nurses that took care of the boys. Unfortunately, Alice doesn't work there any more and Lauren was actually working. So we missed both of them. It was a bit of a bummer but we played with the other kids and talked to the parents. It was good to not have to feel like I needed to explain why he is so small - we all understand. Hard to remember that preemies come in all sizes and weights. Babies born at 36 weeks are considered preemie but they might be 6 + lbs.
Here are a few pics of Abraham at the reunion.

He found the wheels of the wheelchair great fun!

Our apartment - Before and After - Finally home!

Our Beautiful Mess!!

Abraham tried to paint a few times!

Helping Daddy push the couch

Before and After

We have talked for a while about painting the God awful white hospital walls in our apartment. We have lived here for going on 6 years and I'm sick of it! So we decided that before I started my Masters this week we should paint. What a long and horrible experience that was! We painted all Friday night, all day Saturday (thanks to Aunt K for watching Abe for part of the day!), most of Sunday and we just finished tonight, a week later. It's hard to describe the colors but they are blue toned. Like a grey-blue in the hallway and the darker color is more like a purply-blue brown. Like I said - hard to describe!

As much as we hated it, it looks really good. We installed track lights and a new dining room light to update the look and added other things to the bedroom as well. It looks like "home" and I'm happy!!

I just thought that I'd post a few pics of our masterpiece.

Living Room all done

Bedroom all done

Praise and Prayer Request

I posted a while ago about a sweet baby boy who was born at 26 weeks to a friend of mine, Mandy. I recently got an updated email that said he is doing really well. He is 10 weeks old and has doubled his birth weight! He has been on and off of the respirator but they are working to get him on the CPAP like our boys were on. This is a HUGE answer to prayer for this family. Thanks for praying.

And another prayer request for a little one - a friend from work, Karolyn, has a friend who gave birth to a boy 4 months ago who had Down's Syndrome. He was not early like our boys were but he had the same heart condition that Moses had. The doctors recently informed the parents that he needed the heart surgery and that there was a chance the baby would not survive because his lungs were weak. Yesterday he went in for open heart surgery. He came thru the surgery which is a big deal. And they were taking him off of the heart lung by-pass as well. I don't know this little ones name or his parents names, but if the Father brings them to mind please do lift them before the Throne. I do not know if they know the Father or not.

Thanks so much for your prayers!