Thursday, December 7, 2006

Family Time Outside

Abraham enjoying the great outdoors

Daddy and Abraham playing outside

Abraham and Momma in the cold wind - red noses and all!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Funny Face!

Isn't he a cutie?? This is one of Abraham's favorite funny faces to make. He gets so tickled with himself that he sniffs through his nose and then bursts out laughing! WHAT A HAM!

Playground playtime

Hangin' with Aunt K
Abraham, Momma and Alex playing at Plum Tree Park

Isn't this the cutest picture??!!
A few weeks ago Abraham and I met my sister and her 2 kids at a park in town. This park is called Plum Tree Park and it is the park that mom and dad used to take Kari and I to when we were younger. It is a bit strange to be taking our kids to the same place we played as kids. They still have 2 of the jungle gyms that we climbed on! The kids loved every second of it! Both Alex and Chloe wanted to swing and slide with Abraham. What a blessing for me and for Abe to have family around to spend time with and "play" with! Abraham sure loves his cousins and his Aunt K!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Remembering Moses

Things Parents of Angels wish you would remember

1. I wish you would not be afraid to mention my baby. The truth is
just because you never saw my baby doesn't mean he doesn't
deserve your recognition.

2. I wish that if we did talk about my baby and I cried you didn't
think it was because you have hurt me by mentioning him. The
truth is I need to cry and talk about my baby with you. Crying and
emotional outbursts help me heal.

3. I wish that you could talk about my baby more than once. The
truth is if you do, it reassures me that you haven't forgotten and
that you do care and understand.

4. I wish you wouldn't think that I don't want to talk about my
baby. The truth is I love my baby and need to talk about him.

5. I wish you could tell me you are sorry my baby has died and that
you are thinking of me. The truth is that it tells me you care.

6. I wish you wouldn't think what has happened is one big bad memory
for me. The truth is the memory of my baby, the love I feel for my
baby, the dreams I had and the memories I have created for my baby
are all loving memories. Yes there are bad memories too but please
understand that it's not all like that.

7. I wish you wouldn't think if I have a good day I'm "over it" or
if I have a bad day I am being unreasonable because you think I
should be over it. The truth is there is no "normal" way for me to

8. I wish you wouldn't expect my grief to be "over and done with"
in a few weeks, months, or years for that matter. The truth is it
may get easier with time but I will never be "over" this.

9. I wish you understood that losing my baby has changed me. The
truth is I am not the same person I was before and will never be
that person again. If you keep waiting for me to get back
to ""normal" you will stay frustrated. I am a new person with new
thoughts, dreams, beliefs, and values. Please try to get to know the
real me-maybe you'll still like me.

10. I wish you wouldn't feel awkward or uncomfortable talking about
my baby or being near me.
It's been nearly 1 year since we were at Hopkins with Moses. He was transferred on the 29th of November and had open heart surgery on the 30th of November. His fight was hard and long, but his little body just wasn't strong enough to recover. On December 2 we released him back to the arms of his Loving Heavenly Father. Never in all my life did I think I'd be burying a son, a 1 month old son. Every fiber in my body ached with sorrow with the loss of what was supposed to be. My heart felt like it was being torn from my chest. It was and still is the worst feeling a parent can have concerning their child. Yet in the middle of all the pain and sorrow, was this unexplainable sense of PEACE and COMFORT covering our hearts that we know for certain came only from our FATHER. There was a sense of relief that Moses would no longer be suffering and that he is now running with the angels in Heaven - running like he perhaps never would have run on earth.
There is never a day that passes that Moses isn't in our thoughts and minds. While the pain of losing him will subside, the memories of the month that we had with him will ALWAYS bring a smile to our face and joy to our hearts. Moses touched more lives in his 1 short month that mand of us touch in a lifetime. The nurses in the NICU always commented on the gentle laid back manner about him. He would sprawl out in the incubator and just "chill"! And on more than one occasion Moses "got" the nurses during diaper changes.
We may never see the fruit of his life but our sweet Moses was here for a purpose. He was given 1 month and he fulfilled that purpose that he was created for. His name was aptly given for one of the meanings of Moses that we found (which was why we chose it) was "created for special purposes". Little did we know how appropriate that would be.
We are so thankful for this little life and for the way that he touched our hearts and lives.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Pumpkin Time!

Old Mac Donald had a farm.. E I E I O! And he had piggies Daddy! They sure were smelly!

I pick THIS ONE! It's MY pumpkin!!

Daddy and I picked out a really BIG pumpkin for me to play with!

This past October we took Abraham to a pumpkin farm run by a friend's family. It was a lot of fun to see Abraham so excited to see the animals and to "pick" a pumpkin. It was a really nice day out just spending time as a family.

One year old pictures

We had Abraham's 1 year pictures done at Picture People. Michael and I were in stitches as we attempted to get him to SIT STILL enough for the pics! He is a mobile little guy. He loved the leaves the lady put down.. altho they ended up more in his mouth than on the floor! Oh well! He is very photogenic and USUALLY likes having his picture taken... wonder who he takes after??? :) We had a very hard time choosing what pictures we wanted to buy... too bad Mimi wasn't with us!! HA!

Abraham's FIRST birthday!!!

We just celebrated Abraham's first birthday on November 1. This past year has been quite the ride for us all. We were just blessed to celebrate HIS life this day!
Abraham loved the Curious George theme that I picked. When he was first born we called him our "little monkey" and to be quite honest, when he smiles he looks just like good ole George!!
Grandma Kay even found a "life size" pinata of Curious George that Abraham was quite taken with.
Abraham was not shy when it came to the cake. He dove right in before we could finish singing to him! He loved his chocolate cake and got the red icing all over his face. So cute!
We were glad that Mimi, G-dad, Aunt K, Uncle Joel, Alex and Chloe could celebrate his birthday with us. Grandma Kay came up from Georgia to celebrate with us.
The day brought with it mixed feelings as we remembered where we were a year ago. Our thoughts went to Moses and the memories that God gave us with him. We are blessed to have been his parents as well.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Welcome Abraham and Moses!

Our angel Moses at 7 days old

Abraham at 15 days old in the NICU
Our boys - Abraham (r) and Moses (l)

Last year, after 2 years of attempting to get pregnant, Michael and I found out we were expecting... and expecting TWINS! Needless to say we were thrilled to be doubling our family. My pregnancy was uneventful up until the 22 week mark. On September 17, I began bleeding and we had to rush to the hospital. I was admitted and examined and they thought that my water had broken. This started my permanent bed rest. I remained in bed that following week and since the bleeding had stopped we thought all was ok. At 23 weeks I began bleeding again and I was beginning to go into labor with contractions and back pain. There was some serious concerns that the doctors might have to deliver the boys. We were told that at 23 weeks the viability of the boys was very low. I was given some serious medications to stop the contractions that worked - Praise the Lord!

But as of then I was on permanent bedrest until they would be born. I went on to spend another 5 weeks in the hospital in bed. Let me just tell you, I'd never wish that experience on my worst enemy. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life... yet it was the most important thing I'd ever do as well. I was sent home at just over 27 weeks and boy was I glad.. Michael was too since he had been without me for 6 weeks. It was really hard on both of us.

I spent just over a week at home before Abraham's water broke. AGAIN we rushed to the hospital. It took them all morning to decide that they would let me labor so that there would be no chance for infection. My doctor got to the hospital around 7 pm and at 8:30 pm I was wheeled into surgery to have a c-section. Abraham was born at 8:44 pm, 2 lbs 10 oz and 15 inches long. Moses was born at 8:45 pm, 2 lbs 7 oz and 14 inches long. They were both whisked away to the NICU after I got a brief look at them. I was in a fog as they had to give me an extra dose of meds cause I flipped out on the operating table! A wimp am I!! :)

Abraham spent 51 days in the NICU at GMBC hospital. Moses was at GMBC for 29 days before being transferred to Johns Hopkins. They both received absolutely the best care that was possible. I can't say enough about the nurses and their care and concern for the boys and for us. They really made a difficult situation 100 times better. We are blessed to have such outstanding hospitals in our backyard.