Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween... times 2!

Ok... so they aren't MY kids but they were before I had kids! I just adored these pics of my niece and nephew and had to put them on here. Chloe was such a princess -she even got to wear makeup!! And Alex was very appropriately SpiderMan (he loves the movies!) They were just too cute... loved trick or treating and got LOADS of candy. They wore out Mimi and my sister, going strong for nearly 2 hours! Good job guys!

Spidey aka. Alex

My two "kids"

Chloe the princess

Trick or Treat!!

Happy Halloween!!

We enjoyed trick or treating tonight with Diane (my teammate at school) and her hubby and kids (Jim, Jamie, and Nicholas) It was the first time that Abe had been trick or treating, and my first time too! We had such a good time with the boys - Abraham expecially loved it. He isn't around enough boys as it is. His thing was to take the candy out of the bucket and carry it in his hands. Got mad when we wanted to put it away. Sheesh! Then he only wanted to EAT it - choc-late Momma! At the end Michael ended up carrying Abraham. It was a great night for it and we had had good time together!

Ready to go - our little froggie!

Momma and Abraham

Jamie, Abraham and Nicholas

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!

Look Momma, choc-late!

Daddy and Abraham - tired of walking.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks for the memories!

I had to post this because I haven't ever said too much about our day care for the past year and a bit. We have been blessed enough to have a wonderful person watching Abraham since he was 10 months old. Tami's name was given to me by a former parent of mine and what a God send that was! I clicked with Tami immediately and we felt at ease with her watching our most precious possession.

The older that Abraham got, the more he was able to appreciate Tami and her loving care of him. I can't say enough about her and the great experience we have had with her. We will greatly miss seeing her and her sweet girls every day. Today was our last day with Tami and Olivia, who has become Abraham's bud! I have a feeling that this will be a harder adjustment on me than on Abraham!!

Thank you Tami for the great times and memories! We will always remember the good times! We'll see you again soon :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Penns Cave - Centre Hall, PA

While we were in PA we stopped at Penns Cave. This is one of the local attraction(they don't have many!!)It was pretty neat for Michael and I but Abraham was not too sure about the boat ride. Penns Cave is an underground cave that is filled with water. You get in a flat bottomed boat that the tour guide drives. There were a couple places where we came really close to hitting heads but all in all it was ok. Course when the lights went out, and everyone was quiet, you could hear Abraham's little voice echoing "I done!" We were quite the comedy act! He actually did better than I thought he would. It was an afternoon well spent.

Daddy and Abraham on the boat

Inside the cave

Headed out to Lake Nittany

The other side of the hole - on Lake Nittany

Mommy with Abraham

Daddy and Abraham

Postcard Perfect - Absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Trout in the fishery

Abraham and Daddy checking out the fish - the glasses really do help to see them!

Playing with rocks - you wouldn't believe how long he stayed occupied by throwing the rocks!!

Abraham and Mommy hanging out while Daddy fishes on the river

Fun in the leaves - chase me Mommy!

Visit to Happy Valley - aka. Penn State Land

Mommy, Abraham and JoePa

Abraham and the "footfall" players!

Daddy, Abraham and JoePA

Last weekend we went up and visited the State College area. Michael fly fishes up here all the time and has always said how beautiful it is. I wanted to see for myself so we checked it out. It is about 3 hours north of us and was a beautiful drive through the mountains. There isn't much around State College... lots of farm land and open space. But the Nittany Mountains - what more could you ask for? They are postcard perfect! We checked out the river and a fishery (which Abraham was more interested in swimming in then seeing the fishies!)
It was just a nice time to be a family and to hang out. We don't get much time like that.
Oh yea, in case you are wondering - JoePa is Joe Paterno who is the head football coach for Penn State. He is like a god up there. Donated tons of money to PSU. He has coached for 42 seasons in a row... there isn't much more room on the memorial for his season plaques. He'll have to retire soon I guess!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Long time, no write

Yes, it has been a while since I have added to the blog. But for good reasons. About 3 or so weeks ago, our computer decided to give up the ghost. It died and we spent time taking it to Best Buy to see what they could do with it... apparently that was not much. We had resigned ourselves to the fact it was gone and we'd have to make due without one. Which really only impacted me, since I'm taking my Masters ONLINE and in TECHNOLOGY!! You'd have thought that I would have my work backed up on a disc... nope, not me. So all the work that I had done was gone. I was pretty stressed with having to do work at school and at my mom's. Just not a pretty situation.

We had decided that spending the money right now on a new computer wasn't the best choice so I was just going to suck it up and deal with the stress. I was pretty proud of the decision we made because in the long run it turned out to be a great decision.

Anyhow,I gave the computer back to the man who bought it for me (this computer was a gift from the staff at school. I got it while on bedrest with the boys.) He had the warranty which expired one month prior to the crash. He kept it and ran all sorts of tests on it and used it as a challenge.

Miracle of miracles, he called me about a week ago and told me that he had resurrected the computer! I could have jumped through the phone and hugged his neck. I'm not sure exactly sure what he did but it doesn't really matter in the long run.

So all that to say, I have had a good reason for not being online recently. That has all changed so I hope to have updated the blog with pictures and thoughts ASAP.

Thanks for being patient - I'm coming!!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Lunch with Miss Tab and Bethany

Finally after who knows how long of saying we wanted to get together, Tabetha and I found a day to meet for lunch with the kids. We met at Towson Town Mall and had Chick-fil-a for lunch. We spent time together at the little play area in the mall before doing some shopping together too. Abraham enjoyed having someone to play with and us mommies enjoyed catching up. Tabetha is one of my "oldest" friends - I mean that in the nicest way possible! (I have known her the longest of all my friends) We have a history together that allows us to pick up where we left off and continue with our friendship each time we see one another. I am so grateful for that aspect of our friendship!
She took some pics of the 4 of us so when she emails them to me I'll add them on.

Bethany on the slide

Abraham would rather CLIMB!!

Abraham in all his glory - the boy loves CARS!

As Abraham would say, "A CAR!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Sis!!

Happy Birthday Kari! Kari celebrated her 29th b-day on October 12th. I took the day off of school to have lunch with her and mom and dad. We were treated to Red Lobster and had a wonderful feast! Chloe even mooched in on the meal :) At the end we ALL enjoyed Kari's birthday dessert treat... I have a feeling that Chloe enjoyed it a bit more than the rest of us tho!!

Kari and her sweet girl, Chloe

Me, Chloe and Mimi

The girls enjoying the CHOCOLATE!!

Momma, Erinn and Kari

Monday, October 15, 2007

Miss BJ Visits

For the past 2 years we have had the blessing of having BJ Rafferty come and visit us each month. She is with Infants and Toddlers and has been coming to the house to make sure that we are comfortable with the progress Abraham is making in his development. Because he was a preemie, sometimes development is slower than normal. But BJ has never had any serious concerns about Abraham's growth - it has been more for our peace of mind to know tht he is on track for his age.

She was over about a month ago and did a 24 month assessment on him - which he happened to pass with flying colors... and he wasn't even 24 months yet. BJ was quite taken with his verbal skills as well as how good his fine motor skills have gotten. He sat with her for a while and laced blocks on to a shoe lace. I didn't even know he could do that!

We were released from the program and told to keep on doing whatever we are doing. I don't think that it is anything we have done... he gets most of it from great day care... plus the fact that he is just REALLY smart!! NO, I'm not biased!

We will miss BJ but we are grateful for the time that she spent to make sure we were doing well. She is a dear lady and I wish her the best!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Pickin' Time!

This weekend we went to the family farm of a friend of Michaels from work. This is the last year that his family is going to open the farm to the public for the fall. We enjoyed time together, seeing the animals and then riding in the wagon out to get our pumpkin. But the things that we couldn't get Abraham away from were the wooden tractors.... and he was awe struck by the real one. He is so much a boy!! We went thru the corn maze and just had a great time together. We'll have to find a new place to go next year.

Abraham got so tickled with the goat and petting him.

Daddy and Abraham with the "horse" - even though we know it is a goatl!!

Abraham on the wooden tractor.

Running through the hay tunnel - that's our boy!!

Chillin' in the pumpkins - no nap will do that to a boy. :)

Farm Pictures 2

Daddy and his boy

Mommy and Abraham on the tractor

Pumpkin pickin' with Momma

Abraham and Daddy in the pumpkin patch