Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vacation Fun with Gramie and Grandpa Ragan

Well, y'all... for all those that actually read this blog and AREN'T family, we are on vacation as I speak. (and I don't speak a thing like they do here!) Down in South Georgia with Michael's dad and step-mom. We are having a good old time with them, giving Abraham lots of Gramie and Grandpa time.

We visited a theme park yesterday that is out in the middle of no-where, for true! Wild Adventures is an animal park, amusement park and water park all rolled into one. They had lots of great little kiddo rides that Abraham loved but the best part was the water park... and let me tell you, when it is 101 degrees (at least it felt that way!) water is the only way to go! Abraham wouldn't get out of the water... pitched a fit when it was time to go, but would have kept playing until he absolutely dropped over from exhaustion!

Then Michael talked me into riding this (above). Now let me just say for the record that water and I generally don't mix. I don't typically enjoy water stuff... probably because my worst fear is drowning. I freak out. Add on top of that the fact that my hubby doesn't like HEIGHTS. Yup, that is what I said... for those of you noticing how high up these water slides are. We are QUITE the pair. Can you guess which slide we chose?? If you said the yellow one, you are right! I watched as Michael went first - all I could hear was him yelling all the way down! My turn. I sat down, grabbed my nose (because that is how I swim, embarassing yes, but oh well!) and started down the slide. Oh my gosh! That thing threw me every way but right... I was beginning to hyperventilate because when you hold your nose you only have ONE place to breathe out of and that was getting filled with water... I had to have been going 20 miles an hour down that stupid thing! Finally I am shot into the bottom of the slide and I look up only to see my hubby shaking looking at me to see if I am okay. Um NO! What the heck!! We both looked at each other and nearly in unison said "I'm done! No more!" What old fogies we are!!

So Abraham crashed in the hotel room before 8 and slept solidly through me in and out of the room as well as VH1 on the TV.

It was a fun day for us and we are grateful to Gramie and Grandpa for treating us. When I get home I'll post pictures of the fun.


Gilpatriclife said...

Too funny! I totally can see you two saying that you were done. What laugh. Thanks for a good morning laugh. Glad you are having fun though with your little guy.
Enjoy the rest of your time.

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge...literally. I like waterparks, but don't know if I could do that blue one that went straight down. I had no idea you were on vacation, but am glad you are enjoying yourself. Stay cool!

Kate said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! :D you old farts......joel needed to be there to show you how it's done. i'm with you...heck no, no one could get me on that crazy thing!!!!! i don't do dead drops....

LOVE YOU come back home, I miss you!!! xoxo