Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Atlanta

We spent Christmas Day in Atlanta with the rest of Michael's family. It was so good to see everyone. It had been 1 1/2 years since two of his sisters have seen Abraham. We enjoyed getting to spend time with them. Abraham chased Emily's dog around the whole time and was taken with him and the cat. We got to spend some extra time with Elizabeth since she came back home with us. She was headed to New York and caught a ride with us.
We were glad to be able to make it down there even though it is one heck of a drive!

The kids table at Christmas Dinner in Atlanta

Playing with Uncle Elliott and Aunt Ibby

Uncle Elliott was a good cuddler!

Abraham chased Elwood around all 3 days he was there. Elwood didn't seem to mind but probably had more exercise in those 3 days that he has had in a while!!

Grandma Kay has this little "girl" in her bathroom that Abraham seemed to think was real. He sat next to her and carried on a conversation with her and when she didn't answer he tossed her in the tub!

Grandma Kay and Abraham

The Ragan clan

Three Generations of Ragans

Christmas with Gramie and Grandpa

As usual, we took our yearly drive to Georgia to see Michael's family. We decided to drive straight to his dad's house in South Georgia. What technically should take about 15 hours took us nearly 18 hours.. with a 2 yr old who had been sick with the stomach flu the day of our travel. Yea, lots of fun!
But we did have a good time visiting with Gramie and Grandpa. Abraham was spoiled beyond spoiled with all his cars and toys. He was loving spending time with them. We had a nice visit.

Grandpa found a place that had lots of cool animals for Abraham to explore. He liked the donkeys!

I got... socks??

This one is better - it's a truck!!

I like coloring with Grandpa! He traced my hand and I colored it in! How cool!!

Gramie and I colored too!

Abraham got so many new cars and trucks I fear we will need a bigger room for him!

And some animals for his barn too.

Christmas in South Georgia

Christmas tree "gettin" is different in Georgia than we do here. There are plenty of trees to choose from if you just go a drivin' on a back road in South Georgia. Willie assured us that she knew who owned the land and it would be ok. Still she stood guard at the truck in case someone came driving by (yea right!)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas From the Ragans!!

We wish you a blessed Christmas with your family and friends. May God grant you His peace and love in the coming New Year.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

O Christmas Tree!

Abraham was more interested in picking up the snow than looking for a tree!!

Abraham and Momma

Abraham was TOTALLY ready to go home for a nap - can you see the look of happiness on Daddy's face too??

My mom and dad bought a little potted Norfolk pine tree in memory of Moses. We decorated it and have it on its own little table for him.

Abraham got into the decorating too - he liked playing with all the snowmen too!