Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby BOY Ragan!

I have had 2 sonograms since I last posted about Baby Ragan so I thought I'd put them on here with everything else. We did find out, very clearly, that we are having another BOY! All of us are very excited to add another boy to our family.
Baby is doing wonderfully! He has been somewhat cooperative for the sonograms. He is growing at just the right rate and everything is just perfect with him.
I am feeling pretty good. I am just getting tired more easily. It is totally amazing to me to feel him move all around in my belly! I can't wait to see the look on Abraham's face when he can feel Baby moving too!
Forgive the poor quality of pictures but our scanner isn't plugged in yet.
I think the pictures are self explanatory!

Even though it was still pretty chilly out today, it was a gorgeous day without any precipitation. So while Daddy was fishing Abraham and I hit the playground. He just about wore me out!
I love being with my little man! If #2 is as sweet and good of a boy as Abraham is (most days!), we'll be set.

Family Visits

Two of Michael's sisters made it up to see us and the new house this month. First up was Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Kevin. Abraham LOVED having 2 new people around to play with.. although I'm afraid that he just about wore them out!!

Then Emily came up and the highlight of that for Abraham was typing on her computer, something that she taught him to do when he was 2!!

We took Emily and her friend Kaitlin down to the Inner Harbor to walk around and see the sights. And of course had to hit Fells Point for all the cool shops and restaurants.

Abraham on the cannon

Family Shot - Don't ask me what my boys are doing!! Goofy as usual :)

If you are in Baltimore you MUST try on a crab hat or buy a t-shirt that says "Don't bother me! I'm crabby!

We are looking forward to MORE of our GA family to come and visit -- Hint, hint y'all!!!

Moving Day!

We had planned to move to the new house before Christmas but the weather had other plans for us - about 20 inches of snow put a halt to any moving. We ended up moving right after Christmas. All of us were definitely eager to get in and start to get settled. These are just a few of our "moving" pictures.

Abraham was actually a pretty good helper... better than Mommy. I couldn't lift much at all!

He LOVED the moving truck!

First night in the new house -- without heat!! Can you see the icicles on our noses?? (as Abraham put it!)