Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two of Michael's sisters are hiking the Appalachian Trail so they weren't home while we were there. We got to visit with Emily for a bit at the beginning of the week but it's Elliott that we don't often get to see much. This visit was different because we got time with Elliot. Swimming, puzzles, and wrestling with Uncle Elliott were some of Abraham's highlights.

This guitar that he has was the bane of our existence for 4 days... whoever gave it to him should be slapped, ahem Beth!? He carried it around with him everywhere and seranaded us all with his songs. I hid the recorder from him as well as the drums he "found" too...

'Ole! Mucho gusto!

Playing with Grandpa John

Kay took us to the Yellow River Game Ranch where we came face to face with all sorts of animals that we were able to pet. We got up close and personal with deer, pigs, burros, goats, bears, mountain lions, foxes, all sorts of birds... etc. This was a place that Kay used to bring her kids 20 years ago and it is still in operation. We had a cool time together. Elliott was able to take the afternoon off and hang out with us. Thanks El!

Grandma Kay gets into feeding the goats.

Elliott and Abraham and the billy goats.

Daddy and Abraham with the "ugly pig"... no seriously it WAS ugly!! The thing was so fat that it could hardly move towards us. And feeding it... you have got to be kidding me! Took me 5 minutes to figure out where his mouth was! Abraham wasn't too interested in him...

The deer just came up to us and weren't afraid at all. It was pretty cool. They were so sweet!

This pig was much better looking than the other one!

Abraham must have gotten tired of giving all the peanuts to the animals because as you can tell he is starting to eat them himself! We DO feed him, really we do!

Yea, so NOT interested in pictures with Momma... the animals are SO much more interesting!

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