Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Answer to prayer!

Thanks so much for all your prayers! Dad went in around 1:00PM today and was out by 4:00PM. He did wonderfully and was the model patient (if only they REALLY knew him! :) He'll be in ICU tonight but then tomorrow will be back to the cardiac unit. The game plan is to get him up and moving ASAP to help his leg heal. His recovery in the hospital will be about 5 days before they'll send him home.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to have him out of surgery and doing well! The peace of the Father is an AMAZING thing! Please continue to pray for quick and easy healing and recovery for my Poppa.

Please Pray!

After experiencing some chest pain and discomfort on Saturday, my mom took my dad to the ER. They saw that his enzymes were high which we later found out meant that he had most likely had a mild heart attack. Dad was transferred to St. Josephs Hospital (one of the top in the state for heart related stuff). The doctors did a catheterization yesterday where they found numerous blockages in his heart. He is tentatively scheduled for bypass surgery today, but for sure by tomorrow morning. This is all very sudden for us all, including Dad who has been the picture of health up until Saturday. No one knew all this was happening.

However, we are seeing God's hand in it all. Had he not been doing some strenuous physical activity and been feeling badly, mom might not have taken him to the ER and it could have been much worse. Dad had NO symptoms of heart attack or anything. The doctor said that 35% of people like dad don't realize they have heart problems until they drop dead... so like I said it could have been 1,000 times worse.

We would covet your prayers during this time. It is certainly unnerving to see your Daddy in the hospital being readied for open heart surgery. Dad says he is at peace with it all -- of course this means no driving the Mustang for 3 weeks and he's pretty PO'd about that one!! :) He'll get over it!

PS-- just got word that they are taking Dad right now - 10AM Tuesday for surgery at noon! pray!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Abraham and I had a relaxing day today -- slept in til 10 (him, not me!) chilled at home for a bit, had a picnic at the playground, came home and chilled while watching a movie together... ahh, this is the life!

Is that not the SWEETEST face you've ever seen?? :)

I SAID CHEESE now TAKE the picture!!

Abraham loves the sand almost as much as he loves the water!

Hard at work

Kelly and Tony's Greek Wedding

This past weekend we had the privilege of celebrating the marriage of a good friend of my sister's (and she has become one of my friends as well) Kelly and Tony were married in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Baltimore and had their reception at the Walters Art Gallery. It was A-Mazing let me tell you! The traditions and culture in the Greek ceremony was really cool. Granted much of it was in the Greek language but still the whole aura of the church and everything was neat.

Then we (Joel, Michael and I) had to find our way through Baltimore, through a parade to find the art gallery. It was pretty stressful but once we got there and were able to nibble on some food we were better. The art gallery is pretty neat -- and since it was closed for us, we got to check out some of the art first hand.

The dinner was in the cafe area and again I say A-Mazing! What a grand, romantic place to have a reception! Let's see.. from the open bar, to the chocolate fountain, to the artists who drew a characature as your favor, to the filet mignon.. it was just a really incredible night. We had a good time just being adults and enjoying being out.

Unfortunately, the men (ahem!) were over the whole wedding thing and wanted to leave before the party REALLY got started but that was okay because the shoes I was wearing were K.I.L.L.I.N.G. my feet. Oh the price of beauty!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the night...
The happy couple - Tony and Kelly

Their cool cake toppers -- Kelly had them made to look like them! It is TOTALLY Tony!!

The best looking couple there!

Yea, they were pretty good looking too!

This has got to be one of the BEST pictures we have taken together!

Love you sis!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tip of the Day:
Don't let your kids have the camera!
You never know what you might find on there later!

Fishing day in Havre de Grace

Okay so my sister is calling me the queen of fun things to do with the kids... not sure about that title, however a few weeks ago I did hear about this Fishing Day in Havre De Grace and signed all the kids up for it. It was put on by a local funeral home of all things and sponsored by the Lions Club. Each kid got their own fishing rod and had dibs at the pond which was stocked with fish.
We got there a bit late and caught zero fish but had a good time none the less! It was cool to have Michael along to help us with the wormies and to show Alex (and me and Kari!) how to cast the rods! Being able to spend time with 5 of my most favorite people on earth is heavenly!
Oh, and while my sis may have a nickname for me... I have one for her -- Queen of the Camera! She took some fantastic shots that day and I have "stolen" them for my blog. Sorry sis!

Chloe was a brave girl, holding the wormies!

Um... what IS in here??

They feel tickly on my hand! :)

Ohhh... it's a wormie!!

Papa showing his boy the fine art of fishing...

Abraham doing his own thing with his version of a fishing rod!! One of these days he'll fish with Daddy!

I must say I was pretty proud of my sis and Chloe for stepping outside of their girl comfort zone -- course I DID have to put the worms on the hooks for them both!! :) HA!

Me and my boy
(def. my sister's picture, and one to frame!)

You may think I'm crazy...

The cat at Michael's work had kittens about 3 weeks ago so Abraham and I had to go down to check them out! Michael and I have been tossing around the idea of taking one home with us when they are able to leave their momma. After seeing Abraham's eyes light up, I'm pretty sure at least one of them will make their way home with Michael one day... if not TWO! When asked, Abraham told us he was taking TWO home with him.. and made a point to tell us WHICH ones too! So I guess after vacation, we'll be needing a litter box!

And for those of you who know me well, know that I am allergic to cats! So yes, I am crazy for trying this out. But I have some information about keeping the dander down that may help... gosh, I hope so!

I like the tan and white one in the back!
We just gotta teach Abraham how to hold them.. not by the neck and not by the belly! :)

He liked this tan one too!

These two will be making their home with us in the next month or so...

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Abraham and I decided to tackle making a gift for Michael's birthday this year. He has been needing a magazine box to hold all of his fly fishing magazines. Abraham and I had a good time painting it and putting the fishies on it too.

The finished project -- a very proud boy and a happy Daddy!

Happy birthday Babe! Abraham and I love you whole-la-butz and we are so blessed to have you in our lives! We'd be lost without you!

Friday, June 12, 2009

School's out for the summer!

The 2008-2009 school year is officially over --- and my summer has officially begun! Yahoo! Can you feel the joy radiating from my face??

Each year before I send my students off on the last day of school, I take a minute to reflect on the year and on all the memories that we made together... some good, some not so good. I take a moment to look at that one child that gave me heck all year long and I see him/her through different glasses. Before they leave my room, I make it a point to give each student a hug (yes I HUG them! Even the boys who think they are too cool for a hug from Mrs. Ragan!), to tell them how glad I was to have been able to spend the year with them and to wish them a safe and relaxing summer. Today was no different. But I pulled that one child aside, you know the ONE.... and I looked him in the eye and told him that I was glad he was in MY class this year and that I thought he was a great kid. The shine in his eye and the smile on his face made my day. :)

Here is what makes this job worth it: the hugs and smiles from the kids, the notes from the kids that say I am the best teacher ever, the notes of thanks from parents who have appreciated all the hard work that goes into teaching their children, the tears on some students faces when they realize the school year is over and they are moving on to a different grade. I love what I do and I get great satisfaction in knowing that I have had the privilege of touching nearly 100 little lives each day.

On the other hand -- I sure do LOVE my summer vacation! I know that many don't get the break that I get in the summer. I am sorry but that is definitely one of the perks of this job. However, don't get me started on how many hours OUTSIDE of school I work... and how many EXTRA hours I spend at work... I figure I deserve the summer OFF!

We don't have a lot planned for this summer. We three are taking a road trip to Georgia to see family and to go to the beach in FL. Abraham and I will be joining some good friends for a beach trip. We plan on doing some fun things with my sister and her two kids. All with maybe a few weekend trips to the beach for us three. I don't know.. we'll just take it sleeping in day at a time... and we'll love every second of it!

Don't be hatin'! (as one of my kids told me the other day!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forgive me a minute whilst I TOOT my own horn!

About 12 weeks ago, the staff at my school started a Biggest Loser weight loss group, led by our gym teacher. So once a week, he had some sort of activity for us to do and then we were on our own with exercise for the rest of the week. We weigh in on Fridays and if we were the same or more than the previous week we owed $1. It was really motivating for me to have co-workers and friends to be doing it with me -- losing weight right along side of me.

We wrapped up this past Friday and I am pleased to say that I lost just over 10 lbs, and probably at least an inch or so all around! I have been much more active and motivated to get moving... more than I would have been on my own. I'm really grateful that our gym teacher started this!
A good friend of mine Mel, had been keeping up with me and my loss... she had been doing WW and was VERY successful. She encouraged me to sign up to do a 5K race with her. I fought it and fought it until I just decided that I had nothing to lose and everything to prove to myself. So this morning found me at the Bel Air Town Run, along with Mel and 3 other teachers from RFE.

Now, I'm not a runner but let me tell you... I ran more than I thought I would! I got through the whole first mile without stopping! But when I stopped and did my speed walking I heard a voice behind me cheering me on and telling me to keep moving. A girl that I knew from elementary school (actually she was in my sister's class -- her brother was in mine and was one of my good friends!) was behind me. Katy was so positive and encouraging that I KNOW she was the reason I ran as much as I did. It was nice to have her side by side with me.

My goal was to not die on the course :) to not crawl over the finish line and to do it in under an hour. Well, I did better than that! I didn't DIE and I actually ran over the finish line with a final time of 39:39 ! Yahoo!! Forgive me a minute if I toot my own horn -- GO ERINN, GO, GO, GO ERINN!!

Maybe I will be ready for the Under Armor Race in Baltimore in October!
I've got the finish line in sight!
(that's me in the middle, green shirt, hair flying!)

Yea... I'm not crawling across the finish line!

(although the time on the clock is 40:11, my net time was 39:39!!)

Thanks Mel! You ROCK!!

Katy and me
You ROCK too!

The crowd after the race - there were 1069 runners! I was #990!! HA!

RFE Represents! Mary Jane, Mary Lou, Donna and me
We all finished in less than 40 minutes! You GO ladies! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

A little perspective

Abraham and I were in Wal Mart this past weekend and I happened upon a rack of Clearance stuff in the boys department. The rack had a collection of different sized clothing. This outfit was one that I took particular interest in. I took it off the hanger and had Abraham hold it for a bit of perspective.
Any ideas what SIZE the outfit is??
PREEMIE (up to 5 lbs -- came home from the hospital at just under 5 lbs)
Yep that's right -- he used to fit in outifts like this, barely! :)
Check him out now! Just ignore the funny face he's making :)

What a BIG boy eh?