Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School 2009

If only I had a student who would do this tomorrow!!
(thanks Mel for the picture!)

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kiddos and I have to say that I am quite ready to get back to the routine and "normal-ness" of school! I got to meet many of my students tonight at Open House and it just reminded me again of how much I really enjoy my job. I have been entrusted with 24 kids, for 7 hours a day, 180 days of the year -- what an incredible mission field I have! I pray each year that I will be the teacher that these students need and that I will be love them with the Father's love. Tomorrow will be no different...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Naming our boys

Just today I have stumbled over the blog of a dear sister in Christ who has gone through the heartache of losing a child, as I have. Her blog certainly struck a chord in my spirit as I spent nearly an hour reading through her many posts, all of which have been so encouraging to my mommy heart. One of her recent posts asks about how the names of your children were chosen. I thought this would be something I could do for posterity sake! So here goes...

Michael and I hadn't really thought too much about names in the beginning stages of being pregnanat. I think the shock of parenthood was still on us! We had thought about naming Baby A with an 'A' name and Baby B with a 'B' name but decided that was a bit weird! Once I went on strict bedrest we became more intense on thinking about names for the boys. And once we had confirmation that Baby B had Downs Syndrome, that made it a bit different. I was intent on having names for the boys that had some kind of meaning. Michael thought of the name Abraham. I wasn't so keen on it because it was a BIG name for a little boy (and it means Father of Many.. yikes!) But in the end, I really liked it. Abraham's middle name is Connor which was Michael's grandmother's maiden name.

Moses' name on the other hand was decided a bit differently. Since Abraham had a Biblical name we wanted to give Baby B one too. Michael jokingly threw Moses into the pile with the rest of the possibilities. As I laid in bed for those wonderful (HA!) 5 weeks, I found a meaning of Moses that fit him perfectly -- Created for Special Purposes. I knew that was to be his name immediately. We already knew he had Downs Syndrome but we also found out that he had a severe heart condition as well. We felt (and still feel) that God gave him to us for a reason and that this name would fit him perfectly. What we didn't know was that we'd have to give him back to God so soon after he was born. Moses' middle name is Mackay which is the last name of a singer from a band Michael likes. (Fugazi)

So I guess Michael basically picked out the boys names! But have no fear... if (or when!) God gives us a girl I have a name all ready for her... and NO I'm not spilling the beans now! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chalk the Walks

I took the kids to Chalk the Walks at our local library last week. I had thought it would be something that they'd enjoy -- well, I was 1/3 right! Alex and Abraham decided it was much more fun to dig in the dirt to see what treasures they could find. Oh well! You can't win them all!

Chloe on the other hand thought it was cool! She and I drew HER together. It was her idea to lay on the sidewalk for me to trace her body outline. I did that and then she and I filled it in to look like her. I had fun with her! Honestly though, she is pretty easy to entertain, especially when it comes to art stuff. Next time we'll just make it a girls day!

Day at the Beach

Abraham and I spent a day last week at Rehoboth Beach with a friend of mine from school, Theresa and her 2 girls, Sadie and Vanessa. Sadie and Abraham go to the same day care and Theresa and I have been informed that they are going to marry each other! We actually quite approve of the match! :)

We had to take them to the Fun Land for some rides. I made Theresa ride the Teacups with them...

because Abraham had already gotten me on this ride and it went super fast forward and backward and nearly made me sick! :) oye!

They started out on different sides of the ride... then Sadie scooted over next to Abraham.. next thing we knew, Abraham had his arm on the back of the ride and she was sitting right next to him! My little flirt! :)

Goof ball!

Let's Stay Together!

Eight years ago yesterday, Michael and I made promises to each other that we intend to keep for a lifetime. It was one of the happiest days of both of our lives! What a blessing to marry my best friend, the one that makes me laugh, one that knows just what to say to calm my anxious spirit, my Babe!

We have seen many seasons in our short 8 years together. God has been faithful to carry us through the ups and the downs and to make us even stronger as a couple. It has only been His great love and care for us that has kept us together.

I look forward to many more years spent being with you, Babe, laughing with (and sometimes at!) you, crying with you but most of all just simply LOVING you with ALL my heart.

I Love you more today than yesterday.. but not as much as tomorrow! :)
ps. Let's Stay Together by Al Green is "our" song! We played it as we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife.