Saturday, July 5, 2008

Michael's home away from home

We took a ride out to Monkton today to the fly shop. Normally I don't go with Michael but we hadn't seen him all week and we were in need of family time. The guys at Great Feathers are really great guys, ones that Michael has become friends with. There are 2 Mikes that run the shop and are always "helping" Michael's hobby of fly tying... and by helping I mean feeding his addiction! Thanks guys! Hugh is also a young guy who goes fishing with Michael often. In fact they just went to Western MD yesterday to fish the Savage River. Anyhow, they got out a rod today and were casting it, when Abraham decided he wanted to try his hand at it. He wasn't half bad for being a kid!! He just might be a natural... Daddy might have a fishing buddy in 1-2 years!

Michael's home away from home

Daddy wants me to be a fly fisherman like he is... that sounds like fun!

Was that a roll cast Daddy??

Mr. Hugh was helping me to cast this rod.

I got it Daddy! Look at me!

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Garden Girl said...

Love it! Those are great pics E!