Sunday, April 25, 2010

Would you be my Neighbor?

On the weekends, everybody comes out to play in the lot next to our house and they often bring their dogs. There are quite a few BIG dogs in the neighborhood but that doesn't seem to phase Clancy. I think he thinks he is one of them! He gets right in the mix and plays. Miles (black lab) doesn't care much for Clancy but Chester doesn't mind him in the least! It's fun to watch them play.

Clancy and the stick that is 3 times his size!

Clancy and Miles - Clancy is CONSIDERING taking the stick from Miles.. changed his mind shortly after!

Clancy and Chester

Eleanor is one of the twins from next door that Abraham enjoys playing with.

Ruthie is the big sister from next door - only a month older than Abraham. They get along well.

Do you REALLY have to take more pictures mom? Yes son, I do!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day in Havre de Grace

Abraham and I got to go to one of Alex's lacrosse games in Havre de Grace today. It was a beautiful day, although a bit windy. It is for certain that Alex has found his athletic niche in lacrosse. He isn't afraid to get hit AND to hit and get right in the middle of the pile fighting for the ball! Guess fighting with Chloe served him well! We were so proud of him and can't wait to go and see him play again.

A proud momma and her boy

We hit the playground down by the marina for some play time after lunch. It's a great playground, nice and big for LOTS of kids! My monkey liked climbing on everything he possibly could!

Chloe girl

Smiles all around!

We walked on the promenade down by the water where the kids found a wealth of cool stuff to look at. Alex found a shell with the animal still in it and did his big brother duty to make sure they other 2 got to see it.

This kid LOVES being outside!

Now where is my pocket...?

We stopped at Bomboy's for ice cream after walking on the promenade.. unfortunately it was farther down the road then ReRe thought. Oh well, the ice cream was worth it! :)
Me and Alex

Abraham and his chocolate cone

Kari and Chloe

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg hunt at Mimi's with the cousins

Alex and Chloe were dying to do an Easter egg hunt too, so we brought our eggs over and hid them. Alex's neighbor friend Chris joined them too.

Easter 2010

Daddy and Elliott help Abraham find all 30 eggs!

Ready to hunt!!

The Easter bunny put money in some of his eggs, so he made sure he got every last penny and put them in his piggy bank!

Dying Easter Eggs with G'ma Kay and Elliott

My mother in law is a former art teacher and is SO great with the hands on artistry stuff. She and Abraham sat down on Sunday to paint eggs and did a great job! Uncle Elliott got in on the action as well. This occupied Abraham so I could hide the eggs outside for him to find!

Easter 2010

We had a beautiful Easter Sunday here in MD this year. We were also blessed to have Michael's mom, Kay, and brother, Elliott, come and spend the weekend with us. The weather allowed us to get some much needed family pictures since its been at least 4 months!

The Ragans

Kari, Mom and Me - I love this cause all our smiles are TOTALLY natural!

Dad and Mom - one of THE best pictures of them in a long time! I love them soo much!

Kay (mom in law), Kari, Mom and Me - sure wish Kay lived closer. My mom and Kay are like 2 sorority sisters when they get together - talking non stop! :)

Sisters and BFF's for Always!

Grandma Kay, Abraham and Mimi

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It is absolutely GORGEOUS weather outside today... in the high 60's and just in time for Easter. We are enjoying some long over due "being home and resting" time. Did some cleaning and playing. Now we are all resting in our own ways - Michael is tying flies for fishing, Abraham is curled up in front of Looney Toones and I am between the computer and my bed! :) Ahh, so delightful!

Even Abraham got into the cleaning spirit - and cleaned his bikes off!

I love the pink dogwood (?) on the corner.. one of my favorite trees of all. (or is it a blossoming cherry tree? Guess I could ask Michael!)

Abraham and I enjoyed a picnic on our back deck today - the sun was amazing! He also got to feel Baby kick for the first time today. Abraham's eyes got really big and he laughed "He KICKED me!" I love it! :)

Random Abraham and Clancy shots

This has turned into nearly an every morning ritual... Abraham in bed, Clancy on top of him playing, biting -- until Abraham starts crying and then the fun stops!

Hey, what are you doing in MY bed???

Best Buds!

30 1/2 weeks

Not the best pictures of me but self portraits are difficult!
And yes, it's the same outfit as before..
And yes, there IS a baby in there and growing perfectly!

Walking in the woods

We have a great woods behind our house with a stream at the bottom of the hill. Taking walks back there has become the highlight of Abraham's day with Daddy. They are such the outdoor guys! And Clancy loves it too. I went with them this day and got to watch with delight as Abraham did his thing and Clancy dug in the mud like a crazy dog! Such fun to be together as a family.

Clancy posing for me - such a good puppy! :)

Playing with Daddy

Digging in the mud together

Best Buddies

Collecting pinecones

My boys!

Definitely NOT the best picture of either of us but I was amazed that Abraham managed to get us both IN the picture!