Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Our Thanksgiving this year was a bit different and unorthodox for our family. Kari, Joel and their crew went to Canada to see Joel's folks for Thanksgiving. Michael was fly fishing in Erie, PA right before Thanksgiving. So Mom, Dad, Abraham and I drove up to Pittsburgh to see my extended family. It had been a good 6 months since they had seen Abraham so it was a good chance to be with them and share some time. I got to meet my grandfather's fiancee, Pat, for the first time and I genuinely like her. She is very outgoing, very put together, and she keeps/puts Pap in line which is hard to do trust me! She reminds me a lot of my Nanny and of my Gramie too. They all are definitely "ladies" in every sense of the word. I was also able to meet my Uncle Scott's girlfriend, Tracy, as well. She is a keeper!

We enjoyed our time with them and were sorry when we had to head back home. I am thankful for the health of Pap and my Great Aunt Hazel (who turned 96 this year!). I pray for more years with them both.

"Happy" (as Abraham called Pappy!) and Pat

Mom and Dad

Aunt Hazel, Michael and Me

Great Great Aunt Hazel, Abraham and me

Monday, November 5, 2007

Family Ties

The girls - Kari, Mom, Kay (2nd mom) and me

Me and my sweet best friend and sister

We were thankful to the Father for such a beautiful day!

Our Guests

Sadie is a friend from our new day care home. Sadie's mom is Theresa, a friend of mine from school.

Olivia is Tami's daughter. She and Abraham are good buds - I know that I'll miss her and so will he!

Mr. Jim (husband of Diane my teammate at school) and Nicholas, their son

Alex and Jamie (Diane's other son)

Me and Maureen - she is a former student of mine who has adopted Abraham as hers! We had spent time with her this past summer and she took good care of Abraham. Miss Susan is Maureen's mom.

Chloe cheesin' it up!

Abraham with Maureen


Opening his gifts - Miss Tami bought him a Matchbox car that was a Mustang. Since G-dad's toy is his Mustang, he and my mom have gotten Abraham to say Mustang as his secret word. They have created a MONSTER!! So when he saw the car, he went bonkers and wanted it OUT of the package!

Opening gifts with Momma and Chloe (like her unicorn horn?)

Michael and I bought Abraham a little trike. Alex and Abraham played on it for a good long time... Alex pushing Abraham around. They play so well together and Alex takes such good care of Babe-ra-ham! He is a great "big brother"!

Happy 2nd Birthday Abraham!

Phew! It didn't dawn on me how many birthdays we have in the months of October and November! Between Michael's family and mine there are 6!! Of course the most significant of them is Abraham's bday! :)

We had invited a bunch of people to a playground by our house for a little party for him on Saturday. The weather was not looking promising in the morning but got much better by party time. We ate cake and cupcakes and opened presents. The kids played on the playground and had a fun time. Course if you look closely at the pictures, you can tell how much fun Abraham had. See his goose egg on his forehead?? Poor guy! Needless to say, we cancelled his 2 yr pictures for Sunday.

Michael's mom was able to come up and join in the fun too so that was pretty special for Abraham as well.

Happy Birthday Abraham!! 2 Years Old!

Momma and Abraham ready to eat cake - Yummy!

There is nothing better than chocolate cake with TRUCKS on it!!

Abraham decided to eat the icing out of the back of the dump truck on his cake... boys!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Momma!

Happy Birthday Momma, aka. Mimi! My mom and Abraham share a birthday on November 1st. Unfortunately, she tends to get the leftovers because he is, well Abraham! But this year we were able to celebrate her birthday separate from his. Michael, Abraham, me and Michael's mom Kay went over for dinner on Friday. We had a nice time together and enjoyed sitting and talking. Granted the kids didn't talk - they found every way they could to make noise and play. But it was a house full of love and fun!

Grandma Kay and Chloe chatting

Abraham in "Grandma" heaven

Abraham and Chloe - BEST BUDS! :)

Abraham is tackling Chloe because she had just spent the past 10 minutes "zurburting" (blowing air) his belly!!