Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New York City - 2009

Yet again mom, Kari and I have made our yearly trip to New York City. We had a great time despite the rain all day Saturday. We walked ALL over the city -- what felt like miles! We hit Greenwich Village, Financial District, Wall Street, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Herald Square AND Kari and I managed to squeeze in a show that she won tickets to. Do you wonder why I came home exhausted?? :)

These are some of the pictures from our visit.
Central Park in the Fall

Greenwich Village - the apartment building where Friends was filmed

This is mom VERY happy with how far we had to walk to find the Friends building... NOT!! :)

At Washington Park Memorial - Greenwich Village

The Longacre Theater where we saw Burn the Floor -- GREAT show!

Cameras weren't allowed in the theater so this is our "contraband" photo!

Herald Square

The largest Macy's in the world - 7 floors full of STUFF!

The ever amazing Brooklyn Bridge - so much more impressive in person.

Smiling even through the rain :)

Our framable picture from this trip -- I love these women with all my heart! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Today was the first day for a new 2nd grader at our school. He is in the classroom right next to mine. His name is Jackson. Jackson has Downs Syndrome and is autistic. He spent most of his day in the Special Education room with an aide. I saw him in the hallway a few times and found myself staring at him. When I went to lunch, I stopped in the Special Education room. I stooped down and got myself on his level. (He is about the same size as Abraham). I said "Hi Jackson!" Jackson looked at me, got up and came over to me... and out of the clear blue, gave me the biggest bear hug around my neck. Oh my heart! I totally lost it within 5 seconds of his hug. I was in tears and had to remove myself from the room to compose myself. All I kept thinking about was my sweet Moses... this little boy could have very easily been him, with his light blonde hair, being petite... God allowed this sweet little boy, who is non-communicative, to communicate HIS love loud and clear to me. It was my touch of heaven today.
Thanks Father for the physical touch from Jackson today.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Patterson Mill Homecoming Football Game

Yea, so I'm a bit late with this! But better late than never I guess :)
About 3 weeks ago, the high school where my students go had their homecoming football game. Since this is a milestone year for me (my first class is graduating!) I wanted to go and see these kids play and cheer. The fact that it was homecoming was an extra added bonus!
We took along Alex, my nephew, and he was very excited to go to a REAL football game! Course he thought he could buy a jersey or trading cards with the players on it -- too cute!
Abraham was more interested in playing with some of my former students, girls of course!
We had a great time together... even better cause Patterson Mill won and one of my former 5th graders won Homecoming Queen! Go Stash!

Before we left, Uncle Mike showed Alex how to tie the flies that he fishes with.

Go Huskies!

Alex loved watching the game.. and we DID end up buying him a PMMS shirt!

My sweet Dani girl- she paid her cousin $3 so that Alex could have one of the footballs that the cheerleaders threw into the stands! I had her brother, Anthony, my first and third years of teaching. She has a special place in my heart! :)

Sofie was my student 2 years ago and Abraham attached himself to her throughout the game. He had a good time playing with her.

Abraham and all his girls!