Friday, June 29, 2007

Visiting with Kaki

Kaki has cool toys!

Umm, yummy lunch Kaki fed me - I especially liked the ice cream!

Following Kaki into her beautiful garden

What fun - a water fountain!! Hurray!

Loving on Kaki

Kaki's beautiful garden

Abraham and I had the opportunity today to go and visit a dear friend...well, really she is family - Kathy (Abe and Kari's kids call her Kaki) Kathy has been around since I was born. She was a former student of my mom's when she taught at Parkville High School. They became good friends when mom was teaching and when I was born and mom left, they stayed friends. Kathy, God love her, has stuck around our nuts-o family for a good long time! :)

I have so many great memories attached to Kathy. When we were younger and she was unmarried, she would let us spend the night at her house and we'd get Munchkins in the mornings. She would take us out for fun activities - like mini golf.. but ask her and she'll tell you that the mini-golf wasn't so fun!! Kari and I were flower girls in her wedding 20 years ago and we experienced our first limo ride with her. I could go on and on with the memories I have about time I spent with Kathy. She loves me like her own child and for that and many other reasons I love her right back!

It is now a pleasure to share with her MY own child and to watch the 2 of them interact makes me smile. Abraham was taken with her today, once he got warmed up! Quite the flirt, that boy is!
Next time we get together she has to come to OUR place, right Kaki!? :)

June 28, 1975

Well, it's official. I feel OLD! Today was my 32nd birthday and the more time goes on the older I feel. I might not look it (as our waiter at TGI Fridays told me!) but the mind is going...

I spent the morning of my bday teaching the last day of a summer camp session for some of my kids this past year. Then mom and Kari took me to TGI Fridays for my birthday lunch. Typically we have our birthday dinner at mom's complete with my absolute favorite dessert - strawberry cheesecake. But we girls decided that it would be nice to have a meal togehter just US - sans kids of course! (I'd better get that cheesecake this summer!) And it was just that - a delightful time for us women to enjoy each other. I'm so blessed to have such an incredible relationship with my mom and my sister that we actually LIKE to do these things together!

Then I headed to mom's to get Abraham and to open my presents from them. I got good smelly stuff from Bath and Body, a totally cool picture frame and a great pair of earrings from Kari and family. Mom and dad got me clothes and a too cool piece of jewelry from a place called Fire and Ice, that sells unique stone jewelry. If I could remember the name of what they got me I'd tell you but like I said - the mind is a terrible thing to lose!

We (Michael, Abraham and I) had a quiet night at home. Michael is going to take me out to dinner on Saturday for my birthday.

All in all it was a nice day.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Swimming Fun with Re Re

Momma and Abraham swimming

Having fun with Aunt K

Kari with Chloe

Alex the little fish, sorry shark! (His goggles have shark teeth on them and he insisted on being called a shark! Good grief - that is what you get from a 6 yr old)

Abraham ready to swim (the suit stayed on for about 10 minutes and he decided it was to restrictive so I put his "real" suit on)

Our apartment has a decent sized pool that we haven't used much since living here. But this year we are determined to have Kari and the kids over more often to enjoy it with us. Now that Abraham is old enough to enjoy the water! They came over the other day with Kari's mother in law, Dian and my mom and the kids. Abraham lasted about 30 minutes then Mimi took him in for a nap (and only after he fell and knocked his noggin on the cement!). Alex stayed in for nearly 2 hours - definitely a little fish. He did so good with his face in the water. As for Chloe, Kari just found out this week that her leg could get wet and that she could swim with it. This just THRILLED Chloe and her first thought was "I go swimming at Re Re's house!". Smart girl. She did fantastic with her leg. We had thought it might weigh her down but she was amazing - kicking like a mad woman and loving every minute of it.

Cookie Snatcher

Hmm... cookies? Sounds good...

I'm sure I can figure out how to get in this box!!

GOT IT!! :)

We are learning to not put things on the table because our little guy is taller than we realize. He can get on the table by tippy-toeing or by climbing up on the chair and grabbing stuff. This day he decided he was going to help himself to the Nilla Wafers. He got the box and took it into our bedroom - wonder if he thought he was hiding? Anyhow, it was too funny watching him get in the box that I snapped a few pics instead of taking the box away. I'm such a softie! Anything for my sweet boy!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Swim Class

Ready to go swimming! Like the lobsters on my swim trunks??

Momma and me before we got in the pool

Momma and me after my class - I was not interested in having my picture taken. It was TOO cold!!

Helping G-dad eat his ice cream! Ummm, Yummy!!

Well, tonight Abraham and I did it! We had our first Mommy and Me swim class. And let me just tell you how much the boy LOVED the water and being in the pool. This boy is a born fish. He didn't want to do what the other kids were doing.. he was doing his darndest to wiggle out of my arms and to do his own thing in the water. He was more interested in getting out of the pool and jumping back in than anything!!This was a great idea for him. I know that he'll continue to love it.

My dad graciously joined us tonight so that we could have some video and pictures of it for the blog and for our GA family. Abe and I decided that G-dad needed to be treated for his video-ography so we took him to his favorite dessert place - DAIRY QUEEN!! Abraham helped G-dad down the Mud Slide Sundae - then he proceeded to eat part of my Blizzard. Hey, if you have food you are this kid's best friend!!

Praying for the Magnusson Family

I was sent this website by my brother in law. One of his best friend's name is Micah. Micah married Kara and Kara has a brother named Micah as well. Recently Kara's brother Micah has had some major health issues, putting him into a coma for the past weeks. I have been keeping up with this dear family thru their webpage and I wanted to share it on here for anyone else to be able to pray for them. Michael and I know all too well what it is like to watch a child be in the hospital and to feel helpless to help them. Because Micah is a bit older it is different but still I can identify with the emotions of Sherrie.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Longwood Gardens - Father's Day 2007

Italian water gardens

I'm gonna get that water if it's the last thing I do!!

Hurray! I got it and I'm soaked! What fun water is!!

Today, Father's Day, Michael wanted to go to Longwood Gardens. It is about 45 miles north of us into PA. This is a garden that was established by Pierre du Ponte (yes of the du Pont products you are thinking of!). He bought it to save over 1000 acres of trees in the early 1900's. The gardens have been kept going since he died in the 1950's. It is an absolutely gorgous place to walk through. You could spend all day and never see it all. We had beautiful weather and Abraham did really well, which is always nice! It was a nice day to spend together. Happy Father's Day Michael!

Darn it all - Daddy won't let me get in this water. But there are FISH in there!

Playing with friends

Maureen and Susan Carroll with Abraham

Giving kisses to Susan!

Give me food and I'll be your friend for life!!

Every so often, as a teacher, there is a child and a family that I really "click" with. This happens to be one of them. I had Maureen in 3rd grade Math and I got to know her pretty well. She is a sweet girl who I just love. Susan is one of the most kind and gentle people I have ever known. She just is wonderful, in fact she is the one that gave me Tami's name (our wonderful day care provider!) I have found a bond with this family and they have taken Abraham on as theirs. So we met on Saturday at the playground to hang out a bit and then we had lunch at Paneras. It was a nice time to spend together.

On a different note, if you are one of the 3 people who actually read this blog :) would you keep Susan in your prayers? She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a masectomy on Tuesday, the 19th. Pray that they are able to remove all that is necessary to get rid of the cancer and that she will have a quick recovery. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

True Yankee! (sorry Southern relatives!)

What is that thing??

How EXACTLY am I supposed to eat this?

Ok, I think I've gotten the hang of it!

I love crabs!

Much to the chagrin of our Southern relatives, I do believe that the boy is a true Yankee - at least a true Baltimorian! He loves his crabs - whether they are in crab cakes or steamed. They sure are good, hon! :)
Good thing he isn't allergic to shellfish!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Visit from PA family

Kari with her kids, Alex and Chloe and then Babe-ra-hams!

KK with Abraham

Uncle Mike playing with Alex - he "popped" his eyeball out and put it in his mouth. This really freaks Alex out and he gets all wiggy! Too funny!!

Joel, Kari, Uncle Scott and Pappy

Mimi, Aunt Hazel and Abraham - Abraham is Hazel's Great-Great Nephew (Doesn't she look good for being 95 yrs old??!!)

This past weekend my family from outside of Pittsburgh were able to come for a visit. Uncle Scott is changing jobs and had some time off. It has been a while since they have been down to visit. Both Pap and Aunt Hazel haven't been in the best health recently. Scott drove them down on Saturday and they will go home on Tuesday. They haven't seen Abraham or any of the kids since Christmas. It was a good time for them to see how big Abraham is getting- he wasn't walking at Christmas!

Scott decided that he really wanted crabs so they got 2 dozen from somewhere - after calling about 10 different places. This happened to be graduation weekend and most places were sold out! Oops! But they enjoyed them - poor Pappy didn't like the Old Bay and washed each one off before he ate it. I know, I know you true Baltimorians! How dare he!! That was just his thing I guess.

I am so glad to have been able to see them and spend some time with them. Abraham and I will try and make a trip up to see them this summer sometime. It just made me more aware of how much older they are getting and that I need to make the most of my time with them. TIME is the greatest thing you can give a person and I fear that I have not given my own extended family the TIME that they deserve. I hope that I can be better about this in the future.

Daddy's fun with the boy!

So Daddy likes to have fun with the boy and tease him a bit. This shirt over the head is a favorite of Abraham and Daddy. Abe walks around like a drunk man cause he can't balance very well, and Daddy and Momma think it is pretty hilarious too! We're lucky he posed for a picture - he ususally is running around and knocking into things. Go figure!

Memorial Day

Time with Daddy

Enjoying being outside

That mulch sure doesn't taste goood!

Michael and I both had of on Memorial Day so we took the boy up to Rocks State Park for a picnic lunch and to play in the stream. We had the lunch and played on the playground for a bit but never made it to the stream. He got tuckered out pretty quickly and fell asleep in the car. Oh well! We had a good time as a family.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Baltimore Museum of Art

Michael with some Japanese statue

Abraham ripping down the caution tape!

I have lived in MD all my life and Michael has been here going on 7 years. Neither of us has ever been to the BMA - Museum of Art We took off about 2 weekends ago and went down to the city. We walked around the museum and enjoyed the art work. It's not really a place for an 18 month old. Abe didn't get the "quiet" part of the museum!! But once he fell asleep it was great. The museum was pretty neat. I'm glad that we finally went.