Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pool Time with Cousins

Alex AKA:"Mr. Fish"

The "kids" playing - KK got in the middle of things too!

This little girl amazes me! She can do it all - and she will only be 5 in a few weeks! She has NO fear!

Abraham playing catch with KK

He is SUCH a little man!

Me and my boy

So when Abraham got tired of the pool he enjoyed carrying around sticks and water in his dump truck - Have dump truck, will travel should be our motto!

Me and my sweet Chloe!

Just chillin'!

Hanging out at the pool with our cousins is a great way to spend a Saturday!

He didn't want me - just KK today. Climbed up in her lap and they talked and sang together!

KK and her Bubba

We had a really good day together today! Kari, Alex and Chloe came over to our house for a change and we all went swimming in our pool. We had the pool to ourselves for a bit before more kids came for them to play with. Alex is like a little fishy and Chloe is amazing in the pool! Abraham had fun getting in the pool by HIMSELF... yes folks by himself! He would shake his little finger at me and say "No help Momma!" He was able to get in and not sink on his own... not sure if that is a good thing or not though! I think he might be following in his cousins footsteps! Now we are just chilling inside - Abraham is napping and I should be! Oh well, one day I'll get a nap... just not today!


Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

It looks like you all had a blast. I wish we had a pool to visit around here. Great pictures!

Garden Girl said...

I love love love those pics E! What joy on each face to be in each
other's company. It blesses me so much.
Thanks for posting, yes, you can nap later!
Love ya,