Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prayers for Chloe

(photo of Chloe by Kate)

Nothing is harder in life than to watch your own child be in pain and know that there is little you can do about it. Unfortunately, my sister and I both know this feeling first hand... I with my sweet Moses and Kari with Chloe's accident.

But God has been so merciful to us both and has show HIMSELF to be strong in the midst of our heartache and sorrow. It is by "faith that we are able to believe the solid unchangeable truth that God is faithful and loving and good ~ despite what my eyes may see and what my heart may feel" (as my sister so eloquently put it!)

And yet again, on Monday, Kari will have to rest on this truth about our Father. Chloe is scheduled to have surgery on her leg to remove a bone spur that has been causing her much discomfort. I would ask that you be in prayer for Kari, Joel, Chloe and Alex as they walk through this time.

Lord willing, Chloe will be home on Tuesday and will have a minimum of 2 weeks recovery without being able to use her prosthetic leg.

I have no doubt that this little ray of sunshine I call Chloe-girl will bounce back with no difficulty. She is my hero -- you never hear her complain about anything (except when Alex is bothering her or Abraham has taken her toys!)

Thank you for joining me in prayer!


marisalisa said...

Hi I just stumbled upon this blog tonight... little Chloe will be in my prayers!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

We'll be praying!!

By the way I love the fall look. Guess I have noticed it before now. I hope it hasn't been up forever. Enjoy the last day of the weeeknd.

Kate said...

Thanks, you more than you know!