Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Since we live in an apartment, we were invited by my friend, Diane, from school to come and go trick or treating with her 2 boys. We did this last year and Abraham really enjoyed being with Jamie and Nicholas. This year, however, some of Michael's family made the trek up from Georgia for Abraham's birthday so they went with us to Dianes. We had a great time with them and chasing after Batman!
Abraham had a wonderful time with the boys as well.
His line of the night was "Trick or Treat... don't pull down my underwear!" I think he was a bit confused! :)

Jamie (Iron Man) Abraham (Batman) Nicholas (Ben 10)

The back side of Batman


Trick or Treat... is anyone home??
Give us candy or else!!

The Posse -- the 3 aunts, one boyfriend, and Grandma Kay -- plus Jamie and Nicholas' aunt and her dog Rocky.
Momma and Abraham -- he has my sweet tooth!

We very nearly had to leave him at Diane's while we did trick or treating... he wouldn't get off of this little car. I have a bad feeling this car might end up in our home one day!!

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