Thursday, November 6, 2008


If you know anything about me, you know that family is the most important thing to me. The love that I have for each one of my family members... the Ragans, Ulmers and Mc Andrews... is inexplicable. So when something touches one of us, it touches all of us. When Moses went home, we all hurt. When my grandmother and Michael's grandmother passed away, we all hurt. And when my sweet niece, Chloe, was hurt in an accident, we all hurt.

We support each other physically, emotionally and spiritually during these times. These times have made us stronger and it really makes you realize what is the most important in life.

In the middle of the pain, suffering, confusion and anger - our Loving Heavenly Father has met us where we were and has given us the grace and peace that we needed to make it through. I think back on our lives in 2005 and I can see vividly the hand of God working in our lives. And I know that my sister and brother in law can see the hand of God working when Chloe was hurt.

You have to go and read the post that my sister, Kari, just put on her blog. It truly speaks to the graciousness of our Father and the way that He alone can comfort our hearts.

Would you also be praying with me for Chloe? She has developed a bone spur on the end of her stump and is going to require surgery to remove it. The surgery is scheduled for November 17, 2008. She will not be able to wear her prosthetic leg for up to 3 weeks and she will be out of school for that time as well. Please be praying for her quick recovery as well as the hearts and minds of my sister, Kari and brother in law Joel. This won't be an easy time for them and I know that they'd covet your prayers.

Thanks so much!!

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Kate said...

Thanks sweet sister, you really know how to get my tears flowing!!! I thank the Father for the gift of you and the loving comfort and support you are to me!! xoxo