Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Movie Theater Experience

We took Abraham to his first movie theater experience today. One of his new favorite movies at home is Madagascar so we thought it would be cool to take him to Madagascar 2. He was SO excited and kept saying he wanted to go to the movie store!!
The movie was only a little over 1 1/2 hours long -- he did good for about an hour and then got figity. But seriously for a barely 3 yr old??
The funniest thing was that he wasn't heavy enough to hold the seat down himself and got stuck in the seat with it partially closed... nope, no picture of that! We had to hold the seat down for him as he sat in it.
It's not something we'd do all the time but it was a nice treat for us all!
PS. Michael and I really enjoyed ourselves too - there were some pretty funny parts! :)
I get to see Madagascar 2!! Yahoo!!

"Save me some popcorn guys!"
(said while we were eating the popcorn and he thought it would be all gone!)

All cozy with HIS popcorn :)
Momma and her little man


Garden Girl said...

HOw fun is that! Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves. That bag of popcorn looks bigger than Abe!
Love it!

Kate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new background....who would have thought those things were FREE??!!

Cute picts, glad you had a fun day together! Abe's "indian" dot is a little far up on his head...bring it down a bit and it'll be just right!!! ;) ha!