Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday Gifts

The boy got a plethora of gifts... we'll be making a trip to Mimi's attic to put away some of the "old toys" to make room for the new!

Great Legos

We got him a play airport -- which he played with nearly all day on Sunday. We got it right this year!

My sister found this shirt at Target (the best store in the whole world!) It's perfect for him.
My Aunt Rocks!

Home Depot play tools -- he's always getting a REAL screwdriver to "work".

He got 2 different Geo Trax sets and absolutely LOVES them!

Nicholas picked out a great fire engine for Abraham with noises and working parts. He loves it!

Taking a break from playing -- Aunt Beth, Aunt Emily, Sadie, Chloe, Abraham and
Aunt Elizabeth

He spent a good amount of time wearing himself out on the playground!
A little friend Bethany came with a clown wig and Abraham thought he'd be funny and put it on to see what he looked like...

Then Momma got in the fun too.. I swear, if this end up in the school yearbook, I will die!! :)

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