Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cardboard Stories

So I was on a blog by Christian recording artist Natalie Grant (sent there my my sister) and stumbled on to a website by this church, College Park Church, in Indiana. This little video is SO worth checking out.
It made me cry as I watched it. So simple, yet so powerful. Something very stirring about it. Normal, everyday people with everyday problems. I watched and was reminded that God, my Father, is in the business of freeing people and giving them HIS life. This was just a reminder to me that HE restores, forgives, heals, and delivers.
There is just something about these cardboard signs. Everyone that you meet has a story that has shaped them into the person they are. My story is one of loss but such sweet peace and hope.
What would be on your cardboard? What is YOUR story??
check it out here

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Kate said...

I have seen this video before, saw it on Natalie's blog, pretty powerful stuff!!