Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Mc Andrew family

My and my BFF, Kari!

Michael, Mom and Kari

Me and my Momma

The GA family (L to R) Marianne, Beth, Emily, Elizabeth, Kevin, Kay, Michael, Chris, Kathryn, me and Abraham

Added to the pic - My mom (in the back) and Kari (next to me)

Not only am I truly blessed to get along with Michael's family - but our 2 families get along marvelously as well! My Mom and Kay are like 2 sorority sisters - they can talk forever! I really enjoy being around Michael's siblings and love watching Abraham with them. They sure do love on him and he LOVES the attention let me tell you! We had a really nice visit with them!

Kathryn, Michael, Elizabeth

The hikers - Kathryn, Chris, Kevin, Elizabeth

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Kate said...

Awww, those turned out totally cute!!! :D Wow, you must have had SOME photographer!! :) You must email me those when I get you! xoxo