Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Beach Visit - Rehoboth Beach, DE

This past Saturday we made our first trip to the beach with Abraham. We live about 2 hours from Rehoboth Beach, DE which is just far enough to actually feel like vacation! So on a whim, we packed up the car and took off. Abraham slept on the way up so he was ready and raring to go once we got to the beach. We ate lunch at the Grotto Pizzeria (which by the way had crappy service) and then headed to the beach. I was a bit hesitant about taking little man on the beach because last year he wanted NOTHING to do with the water or the sand. But quite the contrary this year... we couldn't get him OUT of the water!! And it was probably only about 50 degrees too... my feet got numb! The weather was gorgous, couldn't have been better. We stayed for over 2 hours before attempting to round him up to walk the boardwalk. The boardwalk was so much nicer than Myrtle Beach (last summers trip). Not as crowded - and just nice! We found us some boardwalk rides for Abraham and got him on a few. Of course there aren't any pictures because Mommy left the camera in the car. But we'll go back sometime this summer and do it again. We put him on these fire engines that went around in a circle - yea they went a little too fast for him and he was freaking out by the time he got off. The little boats were much better! We ran out of time for much more than that but we needed to get back to our car as the meter was running out.

Now for everybody's information I am SUCH a beach girl. I am truly my mothers daughter! :) I must have a beach fix during the summer. To sit or lay on the beach and listen to the waves, to soak up the sun or just to read... is heaven to me. So as Abraham and Daddy jumped in the waves, I just laid back and relaxed for a little bit. I have been pretty stressed lately with school ending and my Masters class.. and just everything that life has thrown at me recently. I have not been myself, I know. I snap at my students and I don't think that I 've been very pleasant at home either. But sitting on the beach and feeling the wind and sun on my face.. to lay back and just RELAX - it made me realize that I can make it 4 more days... and that it will be okay. I WILL BE OKAY! It was a very calming day for me. One that I really needed. I definitely will be back to the beach again this summer... if it kills me!!

Abraham with Daddy going in the water

Abraham and Mommy having fun in the water!

This is sheer joy on the face of my little one! He LOVED the water and didn't want to get out!

Playing in the sand

Abraham decided as we were leaving to lay down and make "sand angels"! Then he tried to get the little girl beside us to do it with him... that didn't work!

My and my hunny :)

I love this one... that is my sweet boy!


Mel said...

You were here and i was there! You know you always have a free place to stay whenever you want and I am sure our hubby's would have a blast fishing together. Anytime you need to get away you just give me a call!! We are always ready for the beach!!

Garden Girl said...

E I just love those pictures!! I printed the "sheer joy" one. It will be on the frig in moments...
I sure do hope this summer's events include a trip to kaki's?!
Late afternoon will be best as I going to fill in at camp for about 6 weeks.
More photos please! So glad you are out of school. How did your classes go?