Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bragging Rights

Stacy Harrison, Donna Zavacky, Me, Diane May, Sherri McLean

I just have to brag for a minute about some women who are among some of my dearest friends. It has been 8 years since I started teaching at RFE. My first year was really hard on me. It is a wonder that I didn't quit. I owe my sanity and me staying in education to these amazing women and educators. The ladies in the picture above were the ones that kept me going. They were my mentors in the beginning but have grown to be dear friends.

Here is what I appreciate about each of them.

Stacy: She is always up for something new. I only taught with her one year before she moved to 2nd grade. She is resourceful and very technology savvy. She is a good teacher who laughs easily. I am privileged to call her my friend.

Donna: She was always willing to help me in whatever I needed. Poor me just didn't ever know what to ask! Donna is a quality teacher who loves her students. She is a woman of faith and it guides her life. Donna and I have had many deep conversations about God and for that I am grateful.

Sherri: This is a woman who truly loves people, even me! She is an amazing caretaker. Always bugging me to stop squinting and to wear my glasses! I think of her not only as a dear friend but a 2nd mom. Which apparently I need! I have come to love and admire this woman. I value her advice about school and life.

Diane: She is truly one of my best friends. I couldn't ask for someone more like me who understands me. We have gone thru many of the same life experiences together and know what each other is thinking before we say anything. She and I keep each other sane. She is my sounding board - I value her opinions about school and life also. I don't know that I would have stayed teaching if it weren't for her. We get mad together, cry together and laugh ALOT together!

Then there is the newbie! This year we had an opening on the third grade team and we (Diane, Sherri and I) were blessed to welcome Stacey Homsher to our team. It has been an amazing year of growth for the 3 of us. We have learned so much from Stacey. She is a wealth of information and strategies. I feel I have taught 10 times better because of watching her teach her class. It didn't take long for Stacey to fall into our team dynamic. She can roll with the punches.. and give some of her own! :) I admire Stacey for her incredible presence in the classroom. She is a fantastic mother to her 2 kids on top of all her responsibilities at school.

Diane, Stacey and Sherri

The Father has been gracious to give me a job that I love. The bonus for me is the friendships that I have developed over the past 8 years. These women keep me going when I don't think I can take another day with my class! We are a team and act like it. We work so well together because we each see the glass as half full. I am thankful for each person that has had an impact on my teaching career - but mostly for these women! I just felt today that I wanted to brag on them!

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Garden Girl said...

What a wonderful tribute to your workmates E! Love it! It really shows your heart and that is the best part.
Love you whole a butz