Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Loving my Co Co

I think he'd folow her anywhere!

2 butts are better than one - what a shot!!

Momma and Abraham

Two peas in a pod - she loves her Babe-ra-hams... and he loves his CoCo!

We have been having some beautiful weather lately so we met up with Kari and Chloe at the playground for some fun. He actually PLAYED with her - usually he sits in the sandbox. They are so funny together - but they love each other fiercely. Abraham has a big sister and a big brother to look out for him. Makes me feel better!!

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Gilpatriclife said...

I am on vacation this weekend, so send me some of that weather. I would love to get some time to play with my kids outside. They look like they really have a great time. Its nice that they are so close and can be together a lot.
Thank you for sharing your fun with me.
Hugs Laura