Friday, June 29, 2007

Visiting with Kaki

Kaki has cool toys!

Umm, yummy lunch Kaki fed me - I especially liked the ice cream!

Following Kaki into her beautiful garden

What fun - a water fountain!! Hurray!

Loving on Kaki

Kaki's beautiful garden

Abraham and I had the opportunity today to go and visit a dear friend...well, really she is family - Kathy (Abe and Kari's kids call her Kaki) Kathy has been around since I was born. She was a former student of my mom's when she taught at Parkville High School. They became good friends when mom was teaching and when I was born and mom left, they stayed friends. Kathy, God love her, has stuck around our nuts-o family for a good long time! :)

I have so many great memories attached to Kathy. When we were younger and she was unmarried, she would let us spend the night at her house and we'd get Munchkins in the mornings. She would take us out for fun activities - like mini golf.. but ask her and she'll tell you that the mini-golf wasn't so fun!! Kari and I were flower girls in her wedding 20 years ago and we experienced our first limo ride with her. I could go on and on with the memories I have about time I spent with Kathy. She loves me like her own child and for that and many other reasons I love her right back!

It is now a pleasure to share with her MY own child and to watch the 2 of them interact makes me smile. Abraham was taken with her today, once he got warmed up! Quite the flirt, that boy is!
Next time we get together she has to come to OUR place, right Kaki!? :)

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Ann Carlton said...

Hi, Erinn.

Thanks to your dad giving out yours and Kari's blogsites, I have so enjoyed your pictures, your blog here, and your precious memorial to Moses. These pictures of Kathy remind me of days gone by, too, as I knew Kathy at UCRBC youth group many years ago and whenever I see her I love to say hello and see how she's doing. God bless you all! - Ann Carlton