Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thank God for Electronics!!

We drove home from Atlanta in one, yes ONE, day. I'm sure we must have bumped our heads on something to have done that... we were on the road at 5 AM. Typically it takes us about 12-13 hours to drive home. This time it took 14 1/2 hours. Now imagine that with a 20 month old in the back seat... a 20 month old whose butt nearly became one with his carseat. He was NOT happy with us at all. The last 2 hours were hell, literally, for all 3 of us. Thank God for a DVD player, borrowed from my sister - God bless her! Granted he didn't want to watch the movie, all he wanted to do was push buttons. And he wanted to hold it himself. Good grief!! But I didn't care - it occupied him for nearly 1 hour.

We have survived... but our butts are dreading the next long drive down!!

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Mel said...

Wow and I thought we were adventurous travelers. I feel you with electronics. I drive 45 minutes to work one way with both kids and some of us would not survive without the DVD player in the Tahoe.