Tuesday, July 24, 2007

South Georgia Pictures

We met Michael's Aunt Betty for lunch and she got to see Abraham again. We weren't able to meet up with his other aunts and cousins, unfortunately.

We were blessed to be able to go and visit Michael's Grandmother. The last time we saw her she wasn't doing well and it was hard on Michael to see her that way. She is doing much better now and was very alert and she was making jokes. She just loved seeing Abraham and holding him in her lap. We had a good visit with her.

Abraham decided that it was more fun to pull Big Dog's tail than to actually play with him. Good thing Big Dog is very calm and mild mannered or we would have had trouble!

Gramie bought a small pool for the boy - good thing cause it was darn hot down there! It was great fun for Abraham to get in and out of.

Reading time with Gramie - showing her his favorite book from home

Food? Where? Michael sharing his boiled peanuts with Abraham who apparently will eat ANYTHING!! If you have food, you are his best friend!

A boy and his trucks

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