Sunday, July 29, 2007


I'm OLD! I thought that I'd eat a bit of humble pie by putting this post on here. We'll see if it makes any difference - probably not.

So here's the scoop - for the past 5 years or so, I've had a pair of glasses for reading and night time driving. I wore them a bit, lost them for a while and then just recently started wearing them again. Only to realize that they weren't doing a darned thing for my eyes.

Now, Michael has been bugging me for gosh, 2 years maybe, to go and get my eyes checked. I put it off and put it off - squinting my way through most things that I had to, well... SEE! It got so bad at school that my fellow teacher (and surrogate mom, Sherri) would continually tease me about the squinting and I became the "joke" on our team.

All of that to say, I finally went to the eye doctor this week and wouldn't you know it my prescription has REALLY changed! She showed me my old prescription and then the new one - it's amazing what correct glasses can do for you!! Opens up the whole world for me. Go figure. So I'm in the process of wearing them all day to get my eyes used to them again. Sure does make reading and computer stuff and watching TV more enjoyable. I got 2 pairs - and didn't go for the typical wire frames. Wanted something funky - is that what I got?? I don't know!!

I'm thinking that the trick to this is to actually WEAR the glasses?? Good thing I'll have so many people to LOVINGLY tell me I should wear them :)

Top pair is the good pair and the bottom is my spare - the difference is in the shape can you tell??


Gilpatriclife said...

Your not old, cause that would make me really old! I can tell the difference. The bottom pair is more straight across the top. Am I right? or do I need to get my eye checked again too? I know I need to go, but am waiting till closer to Febuary so I will have new contacts for my trip! Anyway, you look good. Glad to finally see a picture of you!

Mel said...

Such teacher glasses ;-). I like them both!!!