Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July - Kingsville Parade

G-dad's toy - '06 Mustang that he has played with to his hearts content.

The big kid enjoying his ride - it was the best lookin' car in the bunch!

The Kingsville Fire Department invited Kari and the kids to ride in the fire truck for the parade. Needless to say, Alex and Chloe were thrilled!!

Mimi and Abraham enjoy the parade

This 4th we got up and went to enjoy the parade in Kingsville. Michael was working so it was just me and Abraham. We sat with Mimi and watched all the fire trucks go by - all the while saying "Vroom, vroom!" Abraham loved the music and nodded his head to the beat. We got to see G-dad in his beep-beep (as Abe calls cars!) and Kari and the kids in the fire truck. The fire fighters made Chloe an honorary Officer for the day. It was this fire station that responded the night of her accident and many of the men that were there last year are still at the fire house. They treated her like the princess we know she is! And she soaked it up! Abraham did fantastic with the length of the parade, but once it was done, he and I were both ready for naps!!

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Paul & Linda said...

What a GREAT day this was!!! Thanks for sparing the 'world' from seeing the goofy pic with me with the flag draping over my already wet hair too!! This boy is ALL boy....loved the firetrucks and all the excitement! I am one blessed MIMI!