Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4 - Bel Air Parade

Abraham cuddling with KK

Me, Abraham and Chloe

Mimi and her boys, Abraham and Alex

Yes folks we are crazy!! We decided to go to the Bel Air parade too... the men decided that they weren't interested so it was just us girls and the kids. I had laid out a blanket and chairs in the morning to save a spot - and it's a good thing I did cause it was packed! I got there a bit after 6 pm and got settled. Not 20 minutes it started to sprinkle. Thankfully I had parked us under a tree so that saved us a bit. It proceeded to rain off and on throughout the entire parade. Yuck! My mom's favorite thing is to be wet - NOT!! Poor thing - she was a good sport, trying to use the flag as her umbrella (I have a pic of that but she might disown me if I put it on here!). But we enjoyed ourselves none the less. The kids loved it - Even Abraham sat really well for another hour or more. More "Vroom, vroom" and BEEP BEEP! He is 110% boy.
All in all we had a very fun filled 4th of July with family!

Bel Air Fire Department - there is a family from this fire department that has a special place in my heart. Lin Kadolph is the best substitute (for school) I could ever ask for. She would cover for me at the drop of a hat. I love this woman! And her husband Gary every year comes in for Fire Prevention Week and talks to our students. They ( and their son Kevin) have given so much to Ring Factory and to me. I'm grateful for them!

The Ravens Fan - yes this is the man's "name". We Baltimorians take our football and our team very seriously. Gotta love the bus!

This group is called the Charm City Dancers I think. They are a staple in the Bel Air parade every year. They have such energy and spirit and the music is so fun - it makes you want to get up and dance with them!

We decided that the stroller was meant for bigger and better things - like transporting all of our "stuff" back the half a mile to the car! Poor Mimi will need the chiropractor soon enough!

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