Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A time to remember...

I love this little girl so much... she is my Chloe-girl! She is MY example of perseverance and determination. If I could have a sliver of her spirit, I'd be thrilled!

Many of you who know our family or who have read either my blog or my sister's blog, know about the accident last year when Chloe lost her foot. It has been one year today that this happened. So much has happened over the past year - God has been so faithful and true to Kari and Joel and the kids... and to their extended family too. I could write about it but it is best that you visit my sister's blog to get the full effect of what has been happening in the past year.
Please check it out and may you find yourself blessed and praising our Father for the gift of life!

Click here for Chloe's story

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