Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Heart Chick-fil-A!!!

Tuesday nights are family nights at our local Chick-fil-a, so Abraham and I joined Miss Theresa (a friend from work) and Sadie for dinner and the "show" this week. Clown George was there and was a HUGE hit... barely got them to eat before they were entranced by his magic and music. As you can tell from the pictures they were having a BLAST!
We have serious L.O.V.E for Chick-fil-A!!

Clown George singing with the kids. He wore me out with all HIS energy!

Clown George being VERY funny! :)

Sadie was a dancing fool! Of course the pictures were ALL blurry :)

Don't you just love the smile on that face?? Hard to believe he's almost 3!!!

1 comment:

Garden Girl said...

Great snaps E! Just love the little man's laugh!
Hey, that is my FAV CFA! My freind Shannon is the wife of the owner.

BTW, hope you have a BLAST in NY!