Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Appalachian Trail Hikers - Finally finished!!

I am proud to say that my 2 sister-in-laws and their boyfriends have officially finished hiking the ENTIRE, yes the ENTIRE, Appalachian Trail!!! Woohoo!
Kathryn and Chris finished last Thursday and Elizabeth and Kevin finished today.
I am just so proud of them taking on this HUGE commitment. They haven't yet put new pictures on their blog but I'm sure that they will when they get a chance. Check out their amazing pictures of the trail here.
Ibby and Kevin entering Maine, the last state on the trail. They started in Georgia, more than 2,000 miles away from Maine!

One of their many gorgous scenery pictures!


Emily said...

Hey Erinn,

I just posted about the hikers as well...too funny! Also, wanted to let you know that the link that you have on your blog for my and Beth's blog is wrong...the link goes to firstnamelast.blogspot, and our blog is lastnamefirst.blogspot - easy mix-up...i clicked on it and was like, "Wait, this isn't our page?!" ha! guess we need to pick a better blog title.
can't wait to see you guys at the end of this month...should we bring our halloween costumes?

Garden Girl said...

Way to go! Mr. Steve will be soooo

Mary said...

trailangelmary from Duncannon PA

Kate said...

WOW!!!!! They totallly rock!!!! :D