Saturday, October 4, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes...

Last Friday, coming home from work and day care, Abraham and I had this conversation. It was a gorgeous day with bright blue sky filled with fluffy clouds.

Abraham: Mommy, I can see the clouds!
Momma: I know, aren't they pretty?
Abraham: Moses and Jesus are up in the clouds. That is up in heaven.
Momma: (picking her chin off the ground): You are right bubba! Jesus and Moses are in the clouds. Are they having fun up there?
Abraham: Oh yes, they ARE having fun!

Then last night in the car with Michael driving around town-

Abraham: It's a dark night sky Daddy. Jesus and Moses are in the dark sky.
Daddy: What are they doing in the sky?
Abraham: They playing and laughing!
Daddy: They are? That sounds like fun, Bubba!
Abraham: Yes it is fun Daddy! Jesus and God take care of me.
Daddy: Why does Jesus take care of you?
Abraham: (laughing) Because He LOVES me Daddy!

Then we got on some rabbit trail with Abraham which happens often! Michael and I looked at each other wide eyed, amazed at the thoughts that were coming out of our sweet boys mouth. I often wonder if he feels something missing, being a twin, and not having Moses here. I assume that the older he gets that might be more of a feeling he'd have but even now when he talks about Moses out of the clear blue... it just brings tears to my eyes, and makes me miss Moses that much more... not just for me and Michael, but for Abraham too.

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Kate said...

For KK too......sweet baby boys!!! xoxo