Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

There are only a few people who I consider to be my "sister friends". You know, those girlfriends who you can share your heart with and you don't have to be afraid of what they think of you. I have three friends like this. One of those friends really isn't my friend.. I mean she is but she started out as my blood sister!
Today is my sister's birthday. I was feeling a bit nostalgic about it so I dug up some of my favorite pictures of us as kids. These pictures might just get me in trouble with her but, what are friends for right?
We haven't always been the best of friends. There was a time in my life (teen life!) that I wanted nothing to do with her. She was a bother. But as we grew up, I realized what a great thing we had going.
Now, she is not only my sister but my best friend! Other than my hubby, there is no one who knows me better (except maybe my Mom!) and no one who understands me more than Kari. I don't know what I'd do without her. She is often my reality check. We share laughter and sometimes tears too.
So today I thank the Father for her and for her sister friendship in my life.
I love you sis --- Happy 30th B-day!! :)
(And don't worry --- I'll always be older!! That should make you feel better!)
May 1980 - Erinn (4), Kari (1 1/2)

Summer 1980
October 1981 - Erinn (6), Kari (3)

KK with Abraham - December 2005
This was the first time she had ever seen him.

Easter 2007

May 2008 - Kenny Chesney concert

May 2008 -March of Dimes Walk America

The Walk has become "our" thing. This time together is our chance as sisters and women to remember Moses' life and to share our hearts as mommies. I treasure this time with Kari.


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Kate said...

Whew!!! Ahem, gulp...wait, let me wipe the tears first. Um, ok...deep breath...thanks, I'm getting more emotional in my OLD AGE. YOU my dear sweet sister are the best thing to have ever happen to me (other than being born and stuff). I LOVE YOU to absolute bits and cannot imagine the horrible dull life I would have WITHOUT your wonderful presence!!! I love you, my best friend and hero........whoohoo, can't wait to PAR-TAY on the weekend!!!! :D xoxo

Gilpatriclife said...

I love the pictures.