Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Spring Break Playtime!!

Abe with Aunt K on the slide

WHEEE! I love slides!

Aunt K and Chloe

This week was Spring Break for me and so I had off 4 days. I was looking forward to it SO much! One day Mom, Kari, the kids, me and Abe went to the Super WalMart and walked around for a bit. It was quite the sight the 3 of us with the 3 kids. Of course none of them wanted to be in the shopping cart and only wanted to be FREE! It was fun tho! For lunch we hit a McDonalds that had a playground. We had the playground pretty much to ourselves.. which was perfect since it was raining and all 3 kids were rammy,needing to run off energy. I had the camera and snapped a few pics while we were there. Abe LOVED playing with Aunt K and she loved it too. All of the kids play together so well. Chloe is the little mommy and Alex is the protective big brother of both the younger ones. I hope that Abraham realizes (when he can!) how blessed he is to have his cousins around to play with and share time and memories with. We are truly blessed that they get along so well. I love watching them play! I'm so glad too, that Aunt K gets to enjoy my kid as much as I've enjoyed being aunt to Alex and Chloe.

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