Sunday, April 8, 2007

He is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter to you all!

Today my sis Kari and I took our yearly trip down to Beachmont Christian Camp for the Easter sunrise service. This has been a tradition for us - we seem to be the only ones in our family crazy enough to get up so early and brave the cold. And trust me today was FREEZING!

But it is always SO worth it. It was absolutely gorgeous today with the sun coming up over the hill as the songs were song remembering the sacrifice of our Lord. Every year I'm struck by some different aspect of Easter. This year it was the empty tomb. I just love the verse in Scripture that talks about the angel saying to the women "He is not here, He is RISEN!" For that tomb to be empty He fulfilled all of the prophecies that were told about Him and there was no room for question that HE was the Messiah. That should have dispelled any questions about Him and His deity.

I'm so thankful that we serve a LIVING God - that He fulfills His promises - that He is TRUTH. What are you thankful for this Easter?


Kate said...

THANKFUL for YOU, dear sister...thankful for the bond we have together because of HIM! What a special time we always have there is a cherished memory! (thanks for putting the lovely pict of me on there...nice.) LOVE YOU!!

Bev said...

It was so very good to see you and your sister on Easter morning! It wouldn't be the same without seeing you there!
Love ya!