Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Daddy is the MAN!

When Daddy got home from fishing, he wanted in on the action as well. So we went to a different playground that had a sandbox. Michael had brought Abraham to this playground before and apparently he LOVED the sandbox! Yet again he was drawn to the sand and dirt! That's my little boy!! I think he decided that not only was sand fun to play in, it was also fun to eat. GREAT! We got lots of comments on his shirt - it's SO true you know!! As hard as it was to get him out of the sandbox, we managed to get him on a few slides, which he loved too.

It was a great end to a perfect day with our sweet boy. What a privilege it is to be this boy's parents. We are so thankful to the Father for him and the way that his life has changed our lives and our perspective on living.

There is no greater calling and privilege than to be a parent. We feel honored to be Abraham's parents.

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