Monday, April 9, 2007

Playdate with Friends!

Bethany jumping on the playground

Lunch date with Bethany

Playgrounds are my friends!

Abe and I traveled to Hanover, PA to visit a good friend of mine, Tabetha, and her daughter Bethany. This trip has been a long time coming. Tab and her family moved out to PA more than a year ago and I kept meaning to go and visit but it just never happened. So I decided that Spring Break was a great time to go. We had a nice time chatting and catching up while the kids played. Bethany is only 4 months older than Abe so they were pretty well matched. We hit McD's for lunch and let them play some more.

It was definately more of a time for "mommies" to reconnect and I had a wonderful time being with Tab, as always! She and I have been friends for forever, it seems! A good 12 years at least, probably more. She is one of the few friends from my teen years that I have kept up with. It's true what they say - the oldest friends are the dearest. I am so grateful to the Father for her and her constant friendship. She has been with me thru the ups and downs of life and has always been an encouragement to me. Thanks Tabby! Love ya!

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theragan3 said...

My dear Erinn,

I just LOVE reading your blogspot!! They make me laugh, and make me cry.....and I am constantly amazed by the woman you are---despite your Momma!! If I could figure out how to "respond" on your blogspot, I would do that. Since it's too technical for me, I'll just tell you how much I love those 100 things about yourself! You are TOOOO much, sweetie!! Thanks for not sharing all our family secrets on the 'airwaves' of the internet! heh heh heh

YOU DA BESTEST! My life would have been so dull without YOU!!

all my love to the moon and way beyond,