Thursday, April 19, 2007

School Pictures

Every year I'm subjected to Class and Yearbook pictures. Usually I seriously dislike the pictures, until this one.

This day I had taken off because Abraham had a double ear infection and only wanted momma. But I hated for my class to have a class picture without their teacher. So Abe and I stopped in for the pictures.

Over the past 7 years I've been teaching I have gotten to know the guy in charge of the picture taking at our school. His name is Garrett Ragan, yup spelled the same way as us. We think that somewhere along the line his ancestors and Michael's are connected. Both families settled in Southern MD when they came over from Ireland. So anyhow...

Garrett offered to take a picture of me and Abraham. Since I'm usually behind the cameraI agreed. This picture is what came of that setting. I think it's cute - granted he doesn't seem happy but would YOU be?

I just thought I'd share this - he is cute sick or not. My little man!

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Gilpatriclife said...

What a wonderful picture. Too bad he didn't feel better cause I know he loves to smile. Its definately a memory though!
Love ya