Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I'm very blessed to be able to still be able to work full time due to having an absolutely wonderful day care situation. Abraham goes to Miss Tami 3 days a week and he LOVES it there. I got Tami's name from a parent at school that I was close to. We went to meet Tami last summer and immediately had a good feeling about her and her family. Needless to say, Abraham is around Tami's 4 girls and only 3 other day care kids. She loves on him really well, as do her girls. On more than one day I have gone to get him and they are loving on him too. That makes me feel so much more at ease knowing he is well taken care of.

The other 2 days a week my mom is blessed with his presence! She asked for it! He gets Mimi, Aunt K and Chloe time. Again we are so blessed to have family close by who are able to and want to watch him.

This week my mom had to go out of town unexpectedly and I needed Tami for those 2 days. She graciously said that she'd take him. I'm so thankful that she is flexible enough to allow me to change things at the last minute. She is fantastic and so worth the money - as little as it is, she probably deserves more!

So my thankful Thursday is written because I'm thankful for wonderful daycare that allows me to still work. God has provided for us yet again!

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Melissa said...

Love this thankful Thursday! It is so true. We have been blessed with wonderful home daycares Thank God. It is so nice to know that your babies are in good hands and receiving love and attention. God does provide!!!