Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who is THE MAN???

If you haven't heard the name Michael Phelps recently you MUST be living under a rock! This guy is just absolutely the most amazing swimmer EVER... and I mean that seriously! With 11, yes that is ELEVEN, career gold medals under his belt for every swimming stroke known to man. I am completely addicted to watching the Olympics, specifically him. Staying up until 12:30am to see him swim. Embarassing but oh so true! He swims like a sea otter - so smooth and controlled in the water. And he is breaking world records left and right.

Maybe it is so amazing to me because I have to hold my nose to go under water... hmm?

He swims out of the North Baltimore Aquatic Center here in MD. Lives in Towson so he is a local. As a B'morian I am proud to say that he is from our area!

BEIJING -- For Michael Phelps, it's not enough just to set a new standard. He has to demolish the old one.

Winningest Olympian ever? He's two golds past that already and not finished yet, just over halfway to his goal of breaking Mark Spitz's record seven in a single Olympics.

World records? In a sport measured down to the hundredths for a reason, Phelps sets a pace to crush one of them by more than four seconds.

Even when his goggles malfunctioned during the first race of a golden morning in China, the gangly, 23-year-old American squinted through water-filled lenses on the way to, yes, a world record. Of course, he was none too happy to beat it by only six-hundredths of a second.

So un-Phelps-like

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