Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's officially the end of the summer...

Well, it's about that time again. This pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole subject of SCHOOL! Actually, getting back in my room this past week and setting it all up has begun to re-energize me for the school year. I enjoy the beginning of the year, with all the new crayons and sharpened pencils... with all the kids still excited about starting third grade. Yes, in 3rd grade they are excited which makes it a bit easier to transition to school.

I had Open House this past Friday and about 9 of my 23 kids came in to say hello and to get a sneak peek of our classroom. I actually remembered more names than I thought I would! I really have only "met" them once, at the end of the school year. I also had a number of kids from previous years come back and give me hugs. That is the best! Two girls were from my first year teaching, 8 years ago. They are now going to be JUNIORS! Next year, the class I had my first year, will be GRADUATING! If that doesn't make you feel old I don't know what does!!

So tomorrow is D-day! My friend Mel, who is also a teacher, posted about her back to school nightmares. I typically have my own. Last years dream was that my alarm clock didn't go off and I was an hour late for school and no one at school was very happy with me. I have had dreams of being nekkid before as well as dreams of not being prepared. These dreams are enough to keep me up the night before school! Wonder what I'll dream tonight??
Anyhow, I'd appreciate any and all prayers for this school year! Check out my class website and see whatcha think too!


Garden Girl said...

hey cuteface! I just LOVE your classroom website! What a great graphic!
I am really glad schools are back in session too......:}
Love you,

Amy said...

Hope things are going well with the start of school!

And your classroom website is pretty neat. I wish my daughter's teacher had something like that.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I know...I can't believe that summer has ended. My husband and I have the same fears about not waking up in time, I think we set three different alarms this last week - just in case. :)