Sunday, August 31, 2008

What the "Hike" was that Daddy??

We had a beautiful day here in Baltimore - great temperature and there was a gorgeous blue sky with few clouds. Much too beautiful of a day to spend it inside or running errands. So the Ragan 3 spent our day outside. Michael took us to a section of the Gunpowder River in Monkton that he often fishes on. There was a waterfall he thought it would be great to hike to. We were all gung ho for about the first... oh, HOUR of hiking! But when it came close to hitting the 1 1/2 HOUR mark we were all about done for! Abraham did good walking for the first - 30 minutes or so...

Here I come!

Wait for me Daddy!

I can't walk!! :(

So Daddy carried Abraham for a good part of the way - I did eventually take the backpack from Michael to lighten the load. We walked and walked and walked and walked some more... Abraham was up and down, up and down. Until finally, we arrived at the river. The falls weren't quite what Michael had remembered but it didn't matter. We sat on the bank of the river and had lunch and then the boys played in the ICE COLD water. Momma took her rightful place behind the camera - at least for a while. I did put my feet in but after about 2 minutes in the water they were numb!! NO THANKS!


NO splashing Daddy!!

It's COLD in here!!! :}

Hmm... I wonder where all the BIG rocks are??

Playing together in the river - and freezing our bums off! :)

We decided to take the "easier" way back - hoping that it wouldn't take as long to get back. Yea, that was futile thinking. However, little man decided that he'd walk back and walked all but about 20 minutes of it. Near the end though we think he was so tired that he was a bit delirious! He kept stumbling and falling and laughing about it "That's bery bery silly Mommy!" When Michael offered to carry him he refused because he was enjoying finding all the trunks over the trail and getting over them... unfortunately for him he is so short that he was more like flipping over them!

We had a great day together, as always! Abraham is such a water bug, taking after his Daddy. He'd stay all day if we let him. He is a trip, literally and in his sense of humor. One time Michael nearly slipped and took Abraham with him. Abraham's response, while laughing, was "What the heck was that Daddy?" It was all we could do to NOT burst out laughing... which we weren't able to hold back. What a fun kid he is!! Nothing could be better than a day with my boys!!


Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

It looks like we had similiar weekends. We went and visited my parents and went to Rock State Park to play in the river and have a picnic. The water wasn't too bad there. Our initial plan was to tube down the river in Monkton, but dad said everybody this week that he saw there looked like they were freezing. Uh no thanks! Dan and Lizann came up with Sophia so we all had a great time hanging out together. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Tomorrow real work begins!

Kate said...

HA!!!! Love it.....great, a NEW bubba saying to crack us up!! :D Aww, so fun....what a great day! xoxo

Garden Girl said...

What a hoot! Love the pics Enoelle!
Glad you got to go outside.
It was beautiful.
Steve was on a 100 mile bicycle ride! I went shopping :)