Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Anniversaries

Even though our anniversary was last weekend, Mom and Dad graciously offered to watch Abraham this weekend for us to have some time to get away. We had a nice day out today. We had lunch and then went to North East, MD for some antique-ing. It was a really great day to just be "us"

I made Michael pose for a picture with me... it is ALWAYS like pulling teeth! We hardly ever have decent pictures of just us! The bottom one is about 5 shots in and he was done! But I quite like it!!

Unfortunately, today was my parents 40th Anniversary and they had to spend it with the grandkids! (Thank you Momma & Daddy!) But my dad being the good man that he is took mom out for dinner yesterday. These parents of mine are the best. They would give ANYONE the shirt off their backs and would do ANYTHING for their kids and grandkids. They are amazing parents and grandparents!

Congratulations you 2 love-birds!!

(top shot is a candid - not sure WHAT they were doing to elicit those big smiles!!)

Must be a man thing to not enjoy pictures taken cause my dad sighed just like Michael did when he saw the camera come out! Listen, after 40 years you should know better Daddy!! :) LOVE YOU!


Kate said...

LOVE EM, they turned out soooo great!!!! oh and you're welcome!! ;)

Paul & Linda said...

Sweeties 3,

What GREAT pictures!!! I absolutely LOVE to see those smiles from you girls, from your spouses, and from our precious grandchildren. The older you will get, the more you will continue to see that it is the 'little' things in life that make you the happiest! The value of 'stuff' pales in comparison to the excitement of watching our grandchildren do just about ANYTHING!!! If Dad and I have done anything of value in this life, it would be to pass along to Alex, Chloe, and Abraham a heritage that is rich in its foundation (Who is none other than Jesus Christ) .....a heritage that will be passed on to the NEXT generations thru these 3 precious children! You girls have begun the race well....persevere alongside your dear spouses! Give your children what you know is most valuable in this life.

IWe love you with all our hearts to the moon and way way way way beyond,
Dad & Momma

Emily said...

happy anniversary!! my mom and dad's anniversary was yesterday (august 12th)....lots of august weddings!