Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two outta three ain't bad!

Being that I have the summer off, I had a few goals for Abraham and I to conquer while we had time together (nothing that he was aware of, of course!)

Goal 1: Adios pacifier!

(you can see where we had started to cut it, just like the doctor ordered)

I know that not all moms are for the pacifier, soother.. whatever you want to call it. Abraham was given a pacifier in the NICU to help him with his sucking reflex, since he was a preemie. In reality, I probably wouldn't have done anything different. He wasn't a baby that was prone to crying, so the pacifier wasn't really a "cork" so to speak but it did help to quiet him when he went down for a nap and bedtime. During the last few weeks of school, both my mom and Miss Shellie (day care mom) were saying that he wasn't using it at all. It was just at home that he was getting his way with the "fier" as he called it! Well, we took the "fier" with us to Georgia but somewhere along the way lost it (not on purpose, but really did lose it!) We didn't replace it and just said that it was lost and we'd have to wait til we got home to get a new one. He really didn't ask for it much, just at bedtime. He kept saying that it was on the airplane, and we just agreed! Fast forward to 2 weeks after getting back from Georgia and he has mentioned it 3 times maybe.

So we are sans pacifier finally! Phew, that was an easy one!

Goal 2: Get rid of the crib and get Abraham a BIG BOY BED!

Found the cutest Disney Pixar Cars bed on and showed him. He was immediately in love with the bed on the computer! Called Walmart and asked if they had it in stock - the woman came back to the phone about, oh 2 minutes later, and said they didn't have any. Somehow I didn't believe her. So we were out that way and stopped in Walmart and darn if they didn't have TWO of them! Glad we checked! Course there weren't any sheets that went with it - that was another stop at Target (my favorite anyhow!) This has been an all-weekend project. Abraham HAD to have his bed set up on Saturday so he could sleep in it - he didn't care that the sheets weren't washed! We caved of course and washed the sheets later!

Now, you realize that the little boy bed (aka. crib) had to be dismantled and taken back to Mimi's house (God knows WHERE they'll put it!). Like I said... ALL weekend!

Will wonders never cease?? Abraham is actually staying in his bed when we put him down for a nap or bedtime. Not quite what I expected but hey I'll take it!

Goal 3: Potty-Training the boy

Yea, this one isn't going so well. He likes the novelty of wearing the big boy underwear but hasn't quite grasped the concept of going pee pee in the toilet. Got the #2 thing pretty good. I bought the training pants too, the ones that are thicker and more absorbent so that they catch "whatever" and can help to save carpet, couch, bed, etc... Yea, not quite. Apparently they need to be like 10 times more absorbent to catch "whatever" from Abraham cause they sure didn't save my carpet today! I still have about 2 weeks for this one but I'm not seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Think Miss Shellie will mind doing the rest?? Or maybe, he'll get the idea by the time he is, lets say 5?? :)

So as the great singer Meatloaf would say --- "Two outta three ain't bad!"


Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I'm impressed! You have accomplished some big things for this summer. Me. Not so much. Every summer I think of all the stuff I will get done on vacation and every summer on my way back to school I realize that I didn't do any of it. Oh well. I enjoyed the kids. Good enough. That car bed is something else!! Glad all is going well and good luck on the potty training. I promise he'll get it cause if Zoe finally got it then anybody can do it!1

Kate said...

YAY for BIG BOY BUBBA!!! LOVE the picts, sooo cute....KK is Sooooo proud of you sweet boy!! LOVE YOU!! And I'm so proud of YOU Mama!!! :D Yay for milestones...