Sunday, May 18, 2008

Strawberries and "cream"

Abraham and I found a low-cal yummy dessert that he and I BOTH like. Last night, when daddy wasn't home we got strawberries and cut them up. Then we put Reddi Whip on them - YUMMMMMY! Abraham thought it was great fun when I squirted the whip directly into his mouth! That was quite the sight. :)

Tonight we had the same thing. I also had made banana nut bread with our 2 week old bananas. Michael helped himself to a piece of the bread, put some "cream" (as Abraham calls it) on it and sat down on the couch.

Here is the conversation between Michael and Abraham that followed. (Background knowledge for this: Even when he has just finished his food, if you sit on the couch with something he thinks looks good, be sure he will attempt to and WILL be successful at mooching it from you!!)

Abraham - "Share your cream daddy?"

Michael - "You want me to share my cream with you?"

Abraham - "Ok sure. Thank so much daddy for sharing!" (said with eyes wide open like he had found gold!)

Oh my head! He is SO his momma's boy when it comes to sweets! Gotta love him!

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Gilpatriclife said...

Its all in the eyes for him. If you just don't look at that cutie you might be able to eat your full dish, but yes he is too cute to not share with him. He knows just how to play anyone who sits on that couch with food. Got to love him though!
Hug my favorite little guy for me. Miss you guys.